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10 Best Project Management Softwares

A number of businesses utilise project management software to schedule, allocate resources to, and plan projects. These programmes provide project stakeholders with a forum for dialogue while also assisting project managers and team members in maintaining budgetary, quality, and document control throughout the project.

There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to project management. For project management software, the same is true. So, in order to make your life easier, a project management tool needs to offer these functions.

Have a task list so that everyone on the team is aware of the progress of each assignment;

  • Use timetables, calendars, or other similar tools to keep track of completion dates for tasks or the length of time it will take to complete a task.
  • File organisation, file sharing, and file sharing should be quick and easy.
  • Efficient, straightforward communication is helpful in the decision-making process.
  • Team members must communicate with one another in order to stay updated.

Best Project Management Softwares


Both iOS and Android users can access the task and project management app Asana. It is helpful for simultaneously monitoring multiple projects in addition to simply one.

With the aid of the productivity programme Asana, you can keep track of your accomplishments. They may be helpful if you are working on a group project and need to refer to a particular assignment. Additionally, you can set deadlines and attach files.


  • Team and task management.
  • Project schedules and road maps
  • Team development and achievement goals
  • Documents and bug reports
  • Use project dashboards to get a quick overview.


With an unlimited number of partners, you can record and organise data using the free tool Smartsheets. Google Apps and Smartsheet are inherently compatible.

Any time a task is modified or added using Smartsheet, notifications and alarms are sent. To monitor the development of the project, you may also create Gantt charts and reports.


  • Plans and schedules for projects
  • Resource management
  • Budget monitoring
  • Strategy design are all included.


Smartphones running iOS and Android can use Trello. Trello is well recognised for displaying project activities on a dashboard that looks like cardboard; this feature is great for planning quick and simple daily tasks.

By dragging and dropping project components into various columns and cards, adding supporting details and comments in a manner akin to post-it notes, and assigning to other team members, you can quickly and effectively organise all of your project’s components.


  • You may easily arrange your assignments on a piece of cardboard.
  • Compiling an endless list of tasks
  • File and image sharing
  • Lists can be arranged according to priority or date.
  • Commenting and working together

One Note

Its name speaks for itself. Not like other note-taking applications, this one. Instead, it might work well as a personal planner, depending on your needs. OneNote is a feature of Microsoft Office 2003 and later releases. We don’t need to install it individually as a result.


  • From ink to text
  • Notes on translation
  • Password-protected par
  • Templates and data organisation in a notebook


Scoro is a comprehensive system that incorporates every component of project management software you might require, including tasks and projects, contacts, quotes, team communication, billing, and reporting.


  • Detailed financial and project progress reports
  • Projects with sub-tasks and time limits
  • KPI dashboard in real-time
  • Team calendar and meeting scheduling
  • Contact administration
  • Work time tracking and billing
  • Pre-set templates for quoting and invoicing


A complex project management tool called Evernote helps users not only organise their thoughts into a series of notes, but also organise and show a lot of information in the most effective way.

Evernote is a note-taking tool that also allows you to create lists, search the internet, and look up anything you’ve written in the past.


  • Reminders, deadline tracking, and feedback requests.
  • Save any significant emails.
  • You can keep on schedule by using reminders and checklists.
  • To make notes more discoverable, give them keyword tags.

Function Fox

Project management tools such as milestone tracking and budget comparison are included in FunctionFox. Additionally, it has a pleasant user interface that makes it fun to use.

Users can use FunctionFox to create visually appealing management dashboards that are customised for their unique requirements.


  • Unlimited task and meeting scheduling
  • Interactive real-time reporting
  • Projects with subtasks and deadlines
  • Projected budgets
  • To-do lists and time management


Both hybrid and project management activities use Azendoo. Azendo also helps with managing personal tasks and projects. Additionally, it may be used to store data with well-known programmes like Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

With a straightforward, user-friendly interface, you can track changes and even get a bird’s-eye view of ongoing projects.


  • Task feedback and reports that are distinct
  • Attachments, assignees, and followers
  • Email-to-tasks and guest access
  • Timekeeping and Integrations
  • iPhone and Android compatibility
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Personal task lists and project and task template templates


Its tagline, “For pleasure you have Facebook, for business you need a Teambox,” sums up this powerful personal project management tool’s ability to include social networking into your project.

You may observe activity streams, threaded chats, comments, and other features by integrating social networking platforms into a project management dashboard. Maintain control over your inbox, emails, and any other project communication elements.


  • Display
  • Managing time
  • Simple visualisation strategies including graphs, summaries, and calendars.
  • Builds a relationship
  • Integration of email

Base Camp

Thousands of project management teams use Basecamp as their preferred option because of its up-to-date social media-like design and simple team communication features.

Since they were the forerunners in developing the idea of online project management, Basecamp comes to mind when talking about project management on the Web.


  • A separate dashboard for clients to view
  • Message boards for discussing new projects or ideas
  • Projects for managing the work of several users
  • Project performance data
  • Desktop and email notifications

As times change, so do the demands on businesses. Determining if you need an invoicing tool, robust reporting capabilities, or a centralised view of projects and operations requires some thought.

Consider factors like the size of your team and organisation, the number of features you need, and the characteristics that are most important to you when choosing the finest project management software.



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