16 Digital Marketing Tools for Business

Digital marketing, in simple terms, is online marketing. Any marketing component is done through the internet or digital based technologies to promote products and services. Digital based technologies like social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising etc., are some platforms that promote digital marketing. Digital marketers are responsible for promoting products on online platforms and other related activities, which is why they use certain digital marketing tools to make their work easy.

Here are some of the top 16 digital marketing tools useful for a business:

1. Google Analytics: Google analytics is the most useful and famous digital marketing tool. It helps marketers to find out how their content reaches their target customers, how many customers have interacted/responded to their content etc. The most useful features of Google Analytics include determining a company’s digital strategy, tracking events to gain more insight, finding out where the customers are coming from etc.

2. HubSpot Marketing: HubSpot allows its users to use its free services like accessing live chat, setting up web forms, asses site visitor’s behaviour etc. Some of the paid features of the tool include sales email automation, generation of email signatures, generate marketing plans and invoice. It also allows for the conversion of leads, expand traffic and fasten deal cycles.

3. SEMrush: This marketing tool has a wide range of services for its user, both free and paid. It provides services like reviewing organic search ranking for keywords, conducting a technical SEO audit, conducting keyword research and detecting backlink and tracking positions. The most known feature of this tool is that it can be used as leverage to pull backlinks of the user’s competitors and asses ranking fluctuations.

4. Moz: Known as the leading digital marketing tool, it has 2 packages Moz Pro and Moz Local. The main features of this tool are that it allows users to monitor their site, offer data software solutions, monitor the domain authority of their website, etc.

5. Bit.AI: This tool is very effective and offers services like monitoring shared documents to observe the audience’s interactions with their content; the platform collaborates and arranges insights. The tool also generates a digital library where content is maintained in a common spot.

6. Ahrefs: This tool has a Content Gap tool that detects a gap in user’s content. It also offers keywords, backlinks and content research. Certain features of this tool include Site audit, site explorer, keywords explorer, content explorer and rank tracker.

7. BuzzStream: The BuzzStream digital marketing tool is said to be useful to discover potential audience and influencers as well as perform research. This tool allows its user to stay interactive and set reminders for follow ups.

8. HootSuite: Hootsuite is known to be an enterprise level management tool particularly used for social media. The main service this tool provides is that it allows to storage and plan content for the user’s social media on different platforms. It also helps to schedule multiple posts at a time.

9. Canva: This tool is a famous tool for digital marketing and creation. It helps users to create images using clipart and templates. It includes other features allowing users to create logos, presentations, graphs etc., as per their requirements.

10. BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo is known as an exclusive content research tool that helps its users discover who the leading influencers in a particular industry are. This tool also helps users discover the scope for creating trending content. The tool also searches for trending phrases and terms and finds popular content.

11. MailChimp: This email marketing and social advertising tool is used for helping out and automating campaigns. The MailChimp tool is helpful for users who are new to email marketing as it helps them to stay updated on their campaign. The emailing is automated and sent to the user’s customers at suitable times.

12. Screaming Frog: This tool mainly offers SEO related information which is significant for the user’s site. The information can be downloaded and saved as a reference. It also browsers through websites or webpages to analyse performance. It also fixes any malfunctioning links or pages and redirects errors to improve the performance of a website.

13. KISSmetrics: It is a marketing analytics tool which allows us to keep track of site visitors, enhance process, increase conversions across all areas in the user’s website to enhance sales and revenue.

14. Trello: Trello is a tool which is used by many businesses to create content. It allows for easy assigning of cards to several employees who manage editing, writing etc. It also offers an approach for brainstorming and scheduling online content.

15. Wyng: Wyng is mainly focused on marketing engagement through generated content, contests, referral programs etc. This platform also has built-in analytics that examines the user’s performance in a campaign. Wyng also improves how brands engage with consumers.

16. Vistacreate: This graphic design tool is the most used tool, which is used by almost 8 million people for digital marketing. It is made for marketers who have to create visual content daily. Users can access many free tools that help in tasks like designing ads, banners or infographics.

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