20+ Best Wishes For Holi and Quotes

Best Wishes For Holi

Best Wishes For Holi : Holi means phagua, festival of colours, not only colours, Holi means joy, love and too much fun. This is a popular ancient Hindu festival represents love and happiness. Holi is the symbol of ending of winter season and arriving of summer season. It is the beginning of a good spring harvest season. This festival is the eternal and divine love of radhe Krishna. It also marks the trumph of good over evil. It originated from India and now celebrated in other country . Rang wali Holi, dol Purnima, dhulandi, phagua are some popular names of Holi.

Best Quotes For Holi

In this Pandemic moment Corona kal… Don’t forget to you wishing Holi to your close friends and relatives around Here some wishes which you can share with your family or friends. Best wishes for Holi…..

  • Wishing happy Holi to all my dearest, the year gone had been better for you, hope that get more colour of love , joy and happiness to this year . Happy Holi…..
  • Wishes happy Holi to the beautiful guys around me and thank you for filling every beautiful and lovely colours in my life canvas… Happy Holi to all…
  • Happy Holi to all my dearest, thank you for all the colours, all the love, and all the support, that be my life a colourful rainbow.. happy Holi….
  • Let’s celebrate the festival Holi on the theme ,”Rang Barse” too much love, trust, joy and success in your life.. happy Holi to all…..
  • All to my dearest friend wishing a great happy Holi that brings your life joy, happiness and prosperity, celebrate a safe Holi .. happy Holi……
  • Wishing you a great happy Holi 2021, forget all sorrows and hate no one, that is the season of forgiveness… Celebrate with love and joy , happy Holi……

Happy Holi Quotes

  • Happy Holi to all my friends, let’s enjoy this wonderful day and your happiness is grown up everyday .Happy Holi….
  • That’s arrival of colours season, so exciting, the time of pichkari and tasty gujiya and that enjoy Holi with lots of love and happiness to my all friends. Happy Holi dear….
  • Get ready for this Holi. Take some water balloons in your one hand, some gujiyas in other hand and. Rubbed gulal on your face , that makes perfect Holi celebration touch to every heart… Happy Holi…
  • This Holi brings beautiful colour in your life that makes your life too much beautiful… Happy Holi to you…
  • Wishing a joyful happy Holi To you my friends, God adds all beautiful colours in your life except sadness and sorrow… Happy Holi to you….
  • Throw out negativity from your life as colour throw out in air and celebrate this Holi with positivity.. happy Holi…
  • For this moment fill colour in your mind, in your love, in your life and always be positive…. Happy Holi…
  • As All colour dissolves in each other, just like that Sweetness of your love dissolve in every ? around you.. happy Holi..
  • Dip the colour and enjoy this Holi, these all colours mix your life , and be cool and happiness. Happy Holi dear…….
  • This holi brings to you that your life will be more colourful than colour, sweetness of your love is more sweet than malpuas and your happiness is grown up more than your expectations. Happy Holi to all……
  • The colour on your face is the touching of your heart and it makes colourful to your heart. Now the moment, throw out the colours in the air and renew our love with romantic colour…. Happy Holi…
  • Now celebrate this Holi with A pinch of colour that mix relationship and renew them… Happy Holi
  • Play Holi with red, blue, yellow and green that gives you warmth love, happiness, prosperity and healthy…. Make this Holi eco friendly.. happy Holi…


रंगों ने बनाया है, आज कैसा यह फसाना।
हवाओं में बिखरी है, इस कदर , जैसे हो मनभावन तराना,
हर तरफ बस रंगों की ही घूम है,
थोड़े रंग चुरा लो इनसे तुम भी,,
और रंग लो जीवन के हर किस्से को,
एक सुनहरी पन्ने पर।।

Happy Holi to all my dearest friends….
Let’s enjoy and make this eco friendly…..

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