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BATTLES/WARS fought in India: India has been a witness to greatest battles in history. Our land has seen conquests and freedom in its long history. From Mughal Invasion, battles against Mughals, to British rule(Crown Rule) that lasted almost a generation, from our fight to basic rights to our right to freedom, India has witnessed the bloodbath for centuries.This is a major reason why competitive exams like SSC, SBI, RRB, IBPS, Railways etc., focus and test a candidate’s knowledge on our Historical Battles/Wars. We have arranged for you the famous Battles/Wars fought in India in chronological order.

First Battle of TarrainThe Chahamana King (Prithviraj Chauhan) and Ghurid King (Muhammad Gauri)1191
Second Battle of TarrainThe Chahamana King (Prithviraj Chauhan) and Ghurid King (Muhammad Gauri)1192
Battle of ChandawarGhurid Empire (Muhammad Ghori) and Gahadavala Dynasty (Jaichand of Kannauj)1194
Portuguese conquest of GoaPortugese Empire and Bijapur Sultanate1510
Battle of PanipatBabur and Ibrahim Lodhi

(Marked the beginning of Mughal Empire and the end of Delhi Sultanate)

21 April 1526
Battle of KhanwaMughal Emperor, Babur and Rana Sanga of Mewar16 March 1527
Battle of ChanderiBabur and Medini Rai 1528
Battle of GhangraBabur and Afgans1529
Battle of ChausalSher Shah Suri and Mughal emperor Humayun1539
Battle of KannaujSher Shah Suri and Mughal emperor Humayun1540
Battle of PanipatBairam Khan (For Akbar) and Hem Chandra Vikramaditya (Hemu)1556
Battle of TalikotaUnified Army of the five Deccan Sultanates and Vijayanagra Army1565
Battle of HaldighatiAkbar and Rana of Mewar Pratap1576
Battle of PratapgadMaratha Empire and Adilshahi Dynasty1659
Battle of KolhapurMaratha Empire and Adilshahi Dynasty1659
Battle of Pavan KhindMaratha Empire and Adilshahi Dynasty1660
Battle of SuratMaratha Empire and Mughal Empire1664
Battle of PurandarMaratha Empire and Mughal Empire1665
Battle of SinhagadMaratha Empire and Mughal Empire1670
Battle of ColachelKingdom of Travancore and Dutch East India Company1741
Siege of TrichinopolyMaratha Empire and Mughal Empire1741
Battle of MadrasFrench East India Company and British East India Company1746
Siege of ArcotBritish East India Company and Nawab of Arcot, French East India Company1751
Second Carnatic WarChanda Sahib, Muzaffar Jung, French and Nawab of Ambur1752
Battle of SeringhamBritish East India Company and French East India Company troops and Chanda Sahib1753
Battle of PlasseyRobert Clive and Siraj Ud-Daulah1757
Third Battle of PanipatAhmad Shah Abdali and Marathas1761
Battle of WandiwashBritish East India Company and French East India Company1761
Battle of BuxarUnder the command of East India Company, led by Hector Munro and the combined armies of Nawab Mir Qasim (Bengal), Nawab Shuja Ud-Daulah (Awadh) and Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II1764
First Anglo-Mysore WarBritish and Mysore (Haider Ali)1766-1769
First Anglo-Maratha WarBritish and Marathas1775-1782
Second Anglo-Mysore WarBritish and Mysore (Haider Ali)1780-1784
Third Anglo-Mysore WarBritish and Mysore (Tipu Sultan)1789-1792
Fourth Anglo-Mysore WarBritish and Mysore (Tipu Sultan)1798-1799
Second Anglo-Maratha WarBritish and Marathas1803-1805
Anglo-Gorkha WarBritish and Gorkhas1814-1816
Third Anglo-Maratha WarBritish and Marathas1817-1818
First Anglo-Sikh WarBritish and Sikhs1845-1846
Second Anglo-Sikh WarBritish and Sikhs1848-1849
Indian Rebellion of 1857/Indian Mutiny/ The Sepoy Mutiny/ North India’s First War of IndependenceIndian Sepoys and British East India Company’s army1857
War of IndependenceBritish India divided into two new, independent countries, India and Pakistan1947
Sino-Indian WarIndia and China1962
Indo-Pakistan WarIndia and Pakistan1965
Kargil WarIndia and Pakistan1999
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These major dates in history are important to be remembered by anyone looking for taking a shot at the competitive exams. As per previous year papers, many questions from battles/wars have appeared in various exams. Hence, it becomes crucial that you give this subject a read too.

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