Best wishes of marriage anniversary

Marriage Anniversary Wishes

Marriage Anniversary Wishes, A Special movement marriage anniversary! That’s a great celebration of life. Each couple celebrated the day of their marriage with some special ideas and wishes. This day is celebration of a bonding that is symbol of of love and believes. They greet each other. there are some wishes share with you for marriage anniversary.

Wishes of marriage anniversary for wife.

My dear, you ever for me . I ever for you. You complete my life and be my love always. A sweet beautiful lady near to me best wishes to you for this marriage anniversary.

Loving caring and believe Ness is fulfill in my life. This happened because you are in my life. I wish to God that we alive each other always.

Wishing a great happy marriage anniversary

In beginning I know you. Then I know much better to me. Now you are necessary for my life. Always live near me and my heart.Happy marriage anniversary my dear wife.

Roses are red , leaves are green. You are my dearest, don’t forget again. Sun is shine, sky is blue. Today is a special for me and you. Happy marriage anniversary

Dear! Today is special for me. I want express some words to you to that you are the right choice for me and my life and ever, as forever wishing happy marriage anniversary to you for every year

Wishes of marriage anniversary for husband

You are in my breath, you are in my heart. I was never thought in dream that you loving me lots. For all the love, believe and take responsibilities to me, I wish you you happy marriage anniversary to my dearest hubby.

The day, the moment to be each other , to love each other,that ‘s are special for me. So wishing a great happiness fulfill marriage anniversary to you .

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