5 Best Places To Celebrate Christmas In India

Christmas weekend

Christmas is very near and weekend started in schools. Childrens are very excited to celebrate Christmas at some place different from their home in this situation parents can go through this five top places in India where they can joyfully celebrate their Christmas among Christians.

1. Delhi

Delhi is the land where you can find people of all communities and regions. If you are looking for midnight masses and other religious activities, visit Sacred Heart Cathedral near Connaught Place. In addition, the markets will be filled with souvenirs, delicacies and Christmas discounts. For a traditional style of Christmas celebration, visit the Capital City Minstrel Choir concert. Other spots to visit for a Christmas celebration, visit St. Alphonsa’s Church, St. James’ Church and others. Make the best out of the luxury hotels and restaurants in Delhi and try the new Christmas liquors that are launched just in time for Christmas celebration in India.


Can you beat Christmas in Goa? You can find a lot of different types of people celebrating Christmas in their own style. You can find carols, exhibitions, spree and other celebrations. Santa would be found in almost all streets. The top activity is a ride through the streets of Goa during Christmas Eve to watch the lights and other decorations. There would a lot of hotels which serve traditional Christmas fest in Goa style. Beaches would be free for you to enjoy a family beach Christmas if you wish to do something unique. Liquor and booze would be flowing through the street here.



If you are looking for a devotional celebration, there are a lot of Indian and European styled churches with wonderful architectural touch. Apart from this, you can enjoy a mind-blowing backwater ride on Christmas Eve to watch the whole city covered in lights and celebrations in Kerala. With winter on the calendar, the backwaters and mountains would be the best places to enjoy a family picnic during Christmas. Top spots to hit are Pulimkunnu backwaters on a country boat, Parambikulam on an early morning and Nelliyampathy hills.


This is the place where you can find a lot of age old churches and many traditional services. You can attend many ceremonies to enjoy Christmas in India style. There are many old (can be tagged as ancient too) bakeries to enjoy traditional plum cake made with rum. The top spots to hit in Bangalore are Commercial Street, Johnson Market and Cox Town. Almost all the malls and other entertainment centre would have an ice house where you can enjoy snow if you miss it badly in India.


In Mumbai all communities lived there. During British government many work done from Mumbai and many Britishers love to life in Mumbai. Hence after independence many has stayed in Mumbai and converted Cristians are also live here, even big celebrities and director, producers are Cristian so the people of Mumbai celebrates Christmas widely.

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