Best Places You Must Visit Near Patna

Best Places To Visit In Bihar Near Patna


Believe me it is magical place you had ever seen before. This is the place of Buddha. Many pilgrims came there from China, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia etc.. This is wonderful place for peace and prosperity. Gautam Buddha gain knowledge under bodhdhi brikhsh ( peepal tree) which has essence near budhdha temple. The Maha Bodhdhi temple is another attractive thing here. The temple is situated in hills . Actually the temple is made after cutting hill. So, the hill is in surrounding of the temple.


Vaishali is the district of Hajipur near Patna.  At about the distance of 80 km from Patna you can enter into Hajipur then after Vaishali started. It is the place of history. Here you can see the Ashoka Stambh. The original Ashoka Stambh is found here after mining. Mining is continued till the days and trying to discover more and more historical things there. This is good picnic spot for family and lovers. Big trees and green grasses in the floor, very calm and gentle place to spend some quality time with your family and friends.


Rajgir is most attractive place near Patna because it has great tourist attraction due to its hilly areas. You will be surprised when you see such kind of hills near Patna. You can do many things at this place as you wish. You do climbing on hills. The very new project is going to complement this beautiful area and project is rope glass. In few days tourist can enjoy on GLASS BRIDGE which is going to make in Rajgir. It will make Rajgir more attractive and fun unlimited place near Patna.


Many of you had heard about Nalanda University which is India’s most ancient University. When it burn only the library continued to burn for many months . This is why you can imagine that how much books were there at that previous years. It is best places to see historical monument. Study lovers can also visit this place for more interesting information about Nalanda University. Khandar of Nalanda Is still alive.

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