Best wishes to mother’s day

Happy mothers Day

Best wishes to mother’s day – Mother, mama, mom, mother in law, Ammi, aai, maa,etc, such words we call our mother. The means of all words that a superpower of your stress ful life. She is a nice friend for you, strength for your life, key of your happiness, stamina for your energy. She do everyday many duties for your, she cooks very tasty food for you , washes your clothes everyday , and the most important thing that all time see loving and caring for you. She dedicated her whole life for us. No one compare her and no words expressing for her. We should always love and care for our mother.she is our existence, nobody can take place to our mothers.

Now this mother’s Day expressed your love with emotions and full of love that makes your mother today wonderful. There are some wishes and poem for our lovely mother. Make a card and share this wishes to her mother.

Best wishes for mother

Dear mum, you are inspiration of our life. You are success key for me. Everything started from you in my life. For always giving me love and blessings, but today I expressed “I love you mum”……..
Happy mothers Day

  • My lovely mother, I am always little child for you, but you are always great for me. In my childhood period, I trouble you every time,but you never disturb from me. I am so lucky that you are my mother and I am a star of your lovely eyes. Happy mothers day to my dear mum……
  • Pyari ma, I am so crazy that such womens surroundings me in my life, that are pretty and fabulous womens, Their magical eyes solve my problems in a pinch. Love you to all all nice guys that are pretty dadi maa, beautiful Nani maa, iovely ma, so caring mother in law and dear bhabhi ma …. You all deserve very special mother’s Day….. Love you all…. Happy mothers Day
  • Dear mother, wishing a lovely and great mother’s Day to you. Mom.. you are the reason of my life, you are the season of my happiness and you are the treasure of My success. Keep me always in your own blessing…..MERI pyari ma.,… Happy mothers Day..!

मां है, प्यारी मां है
प्यार की मूरत,
ममता की देवी,
वह हम सबकी जान है,
मां है प्यारी मां है।

हम सबके सांस में बसी,
हर विश्वास में रची,
ब्रह्मा विष्णु और महेश के मधुर स्वर से गुंजित,
तुम जैसा कोई कहां है,
मां है,
मेरी मां है।

हर जीवन के अस्तित्व से जुड़ी, स्वर्ग से भी बड़ी,
हम सभी को जन्म देने वाली,
चाहता हूं कुछ देना,
पर क्या दूं……
उसका ही दिया तो ये जहां है।
मां है मेरी मां है।
मां है, प्यारी मां है।। ? ?? ? ?
Happy mothers Day to my dear mummy and ma…….

  • I am wishing a great mother’s Day to my mother.. to giving me always support, she dedicated her life upon me… She is a statue of dedication, love and inspiration…. Love you mother always…
    Happy mothers Day !!
  • I want dedicated this song to my mother and mother in law to the occasion of this mother’s Day..,. Both of them are always helping me , caring me and loving me most… ?? ?

Thakne lagi hai , maaTeri akhiyan…..
Mere liye jagi hai Tumne , sari sari ratiya……
Meri nindiya pe,
apni nindiya bhi,
Tumne vari hai…..
O ma. …..o ma….
Tu kitni acchi hai,
Tu kitni pyari hai
Ma …..o ma…..!!!!
Happy mothers Day maa and Nani maa with respect and love……..

Roses are red, Sky is blue
Tere aanchal mein maa .. , Mera bachpan jhula yuu…..
Jab bhi koi tufan Aaya….
Akela ye man ghabraya….
Tab teri hi Yaad aayi mujhko ……
Aur Fir tera wahi aanchal lahraya…..
Happy mother’s Day…. ? ????

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