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Bigmugs has been one of the top and the most famous American restaurants in India since its beginning in the year 2018, situated in the hindi heartland, primarily at Hisar in Haryana.

More than a restaurant, it is a home of delicious delicacies, an ocean of deliciousness. Once you enter, you cannot stop yourself to dive deep. It is our utter attention towards the ingredients and the quality, it is our passion, dedication, and love for preparing food and serve with full of sanitation and freshness, makes us stand apart from the crowd. The menu, which is filled with various delightful gastronomic food, is the reaction and expression of our action that we do while being around the kitchen. 

Guests’ satisfaction is the biggest award for us, by which we are honored every day that is also our biggest motivation that drives us to do our level best to create an incredible experience that our guests enjoy.

Bigmugs is known for its simplicity and purity, which is also our philosophy that reflects through the menu. It is the place to get rid of anything that worries and enjoy an amazing and happy moment with the best food. If you visit with your nearer and dearer, family or friends, Bigmugs India ensure doubling your enjoyment. We also come up with multiple offers on various special occasions, which anybody can make the most of them being on the table at Bigmugs.

The dedicated team of Bigmugs produces a wide variety of delicious dishes. We ensure and serve the best quality food, whatever comes under the ambit of modern dishes. From dessert to slushes, smoothies to thunders, maggie to pasta, pizza to the sandwich, classic to premium shakes, and multiple signature dishes with an incredible taste, anything that loved by our guests at one place known as Bigmugs.

Bigmugs is one of the leading American restaurants of north India, easily accessible from any part of India, located at Doppler resurgent in Hisar (Haryana).

Our Services


Bigmugs, an American restaurant in India, situated in the north Indian city of Hisar (Haryana). Keeping simplicity and purity as a philosophy with us, we do our best to create a fascinating experience by providing an outstanding food service that each and every guest of Bigmugs enjoy. We serve up-to-the-minute food dishes and a vast variety of signature food in multiple variations. 


Bigmugs falls into the category of the American restaurant, located in the city of Hisar in Haryana state. Our services include everything, which excludes the reason for your worries because we are prominently based on food services, which includes an immense variety of modern food dishes and various signature dishes such as grilled chicken, wings on fire, peri-peri chicken, and many more. You can also find the multiple variations of each dish that are presented on our menu.


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