Bridging Skill Gap in India – OdinSchool’s Mission

The demand for qualified graduates in the Indian business is constant due to the ever changing nature of technology. A study found that 63% of Indian enterprises felt that there was a scarcity of talents, particularly in the fields of engineering and information technology. The Indian government and IT firms have worked very hard to develop a number of programmes that would increase the degree of employability of the populace in terms of new technological capabilities. The degree of employability is still up for discussion, though.

The only option to close this talent gap is to nurture talent in line with the demands of the industry. OdinSchool, an Indian platform for upskilling, is making an impact in this area. Discover how it closes the talent gap in India with its job-aligned training programmes by reading on.

To address the widening skill gap in the nation, OdinSchool was founded on May 24, 2021, for professionals already in the workforce and job seekers in India. New technologies are currently entering the market on a nearly quarterly basis, making it highly active. If young professionals don’t periodically reskill and upskill themselves in accordance with industry standards, they will have a very difficult time rising in their professions in such circumstances.

By offering demanding hands-on courses in highly sought-after disciplines like Data Science and Full Stack Software Development, OdinSchool fills the skills gap. OdinSchool’s Bootcamps help professionals establish, re-launch, and build their careers with the help of sector-specific training and advice from industry experts.

Products and Services

Currently, Data Science and Full Stack Software Development bootcamps are available through OdinSchool. They are given with the intention of providing a comprehensive educational experience.

The programme incorporates a variety of tactics for improved engagement, including live sessions with expert trainers, self-learning materials, quizzes and evaluations, speeches by business leaders, and one-on-one mentoring. OdinSchool has a batch every month, so there are adjustments from time to time to bring together the demands of the learner and the market. The curriculum is updated each month to reflect the shifting demands of the business, ensuring that students are trained in the most recent techniques.

Programmes like workshops on behavioural skills, career counselling, personal branding, profile creation, and placement assistance are also provided to the learners as part of its career services. At various stages of the learning process, working professionals from reputable companies are involved to support and mentor. As a result, the students are more aware of real-world workplace situations and better equipped to handle them when they start working. Corporate entities work together to upskill their internal staff and hire qualified people. 500+ businesses collaborate with OdinSchool to hire its alumni. The committed placement team organises an infinite number of interview opportunities and meticulously matches student profiles with the best employment positions.


  • Live courses with an instructor on the weekends
  • 360 degree positioning support
  • Curriculum approved by the sector
  • Individualised mentoring
  • Mock interviews
  • 360-degree placement support
  • 1 to 1 mentoring
  • Assistance with building a professional profile, including a resume
  • Countless possibilities for interviews


The Data Science Bootcamp costs $99,000 plus GST. For qualified students who do well on the admission test, there is a scholarship worth 30,000.

There are two different payment options for the Full Stack Software Development Bootcamp: pre-paid and post-paid.

OdinSchool’s Success

The top talent for the industry is being produced through OdinSchool’s courses with placement support today. Since its establishment, the organisation has expanded greatly in just a little over a year. More than 500 employers already use OdinSchool to hire its alumni. PepsiCo, Cotiviti, Sutherland, Indegene, Capgemini, and others are a few of these heavyweights. Along with workshops on behavioural skills, career counselling, personal branding, profile design, and placement support, learners are also given hands-on instruction in technical skills.

The majority of the students at OdinSchool are working adults who want to advance in their professions. In other words, they require a flexible learning plan that will enable them to accommodate learning around their work schedule. The live weekend classes offered by OdinSchool make their programmes a great choice.

India is currently at a really intriguing crossroads in terms of the transformation and use of technology, according to Mr Vijay Pasupulati, the CEO of OdinSchool. If they are prepared to make the necessary effort to upskill and reskill themselves, the industry of the 21st century offers enormous opportunity for professionals to transfer occupations and embark on a new route.


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