Britain versus West Indies first Test with interesting Day 4 Live Cricket Score Updates: Stokes, Crawley counter-assault 2020

Britain versus West Indies (ENG versus WI) first Test Day 4 Live Cricket Score Streaming Online: England were 165/3 at the Tea break, with a lead of 54 runs in their second innings.

Britain versus West Indies

England versus West Indies (ENG versus WI) first Test Day 4 Live Cricket Score Online Updates: England is retaliating in their second paper in the first Test in Southampton, starting to lead the pack for the fourth day.

At the Lunch break, they were 79/1, having diminished the deficiency to 35 runs.

They started to lead the pack following an hour’s play in the subsequent meeting. West Indies, regardless of a methodology on the moderate side, kept Britain versus West Indies picking wickets at ordinary spans. They arrived at 165/3 at the Tea break, with a lead of 54 runs.

Half-hundreds of years by Kragg Brathwaite and Shane Dowrich set up the West Indies’ first-innings lead of 114 against England on Day 3 at the unfilled Rose Bowl.

The Windies were all out for 318 not exactly an hour before stumps on the main entire day of the downpour influenced Test.

Toward the day’s end, England openers Rory Burns and Dom Sibley some way or another endure 10 overs of zippy bowling that constantly assaulted the off stump.

21:47 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Beverages taken as Crawley is hit

Bug twists up Crawley with a blow that pounds Britain versus West Indies directly into where he would not like to be hit. Beverages are taken as the batsman slowly inhales. Stirs approach his lesser with a getting grin. Crawley, the 21-year-old, on 67, has the most elevated score in the Test up until this point.

21:45 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Sublime drives from Stokes

Britain versus West Indies

Sublime spreads drives for four from Ben Stokes spread Gabriel. Holds the posture for a couple of moments. Feeds catch up with another drive – squarer this time – Britain versus West Indies for four. Gabriel gives him a bothered look. The feed has moved into his 30s. ENG lead by 114

21:39 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Bug accomplices Gabriel

Kemar Roach imparts the new ball to Gabriel. The cockroach is on 193 Test wickets. Likely not exactly enough to rank him as a West Indies extraordinary, however, his records Britain versus West Indies show he has been the most compromising bowlers from the islands in the course, In any case, his records from home are tremendously sub-par compared to his home record. ENG lead by 101

21:34 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Time for pace – ENG lead by 101

The new ball is taken. Gabriel bowls the 82nd. Britain benefits from the additional skip by getting the ball down to the third man and get a few runs. The lead moves into triple digits. Fed responds to the pace bowlers going ahead by returning to pull. A genuine trial by fire for Britain versus West Indies two sides to come up in the following hour or something like that.

21:26 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

80 overs – ENG 208/3

The 80 overs are up. Time for a flood of quick bowling? Not yet. Pursue seen stopping for a moment to talk with Gabriel as he starts the 81st. Britain, on 208/3, has crossed their first innings complete of 204 as of now. ENG lead by 93

21:19 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Hang tight for a second new ball

Brathwaite bowls the 78th. Signs that West Indies will go to the new ball after 3 overs itself. 200 comes up for England in the subsequent innings. Gabriel and Roach, Britain versus West Indies, perhaps to take the new ball. The bug has a decent record against left-handers. ENG lead by 89

21:12 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Feeds assaults yet miscues

Azure begins on an astounding note. Edges across Stokes as he is settled. Fed responds by pulling the following ball with power.

Directly to the defender, however, not all around coordinated. Azure gets Stokes into a wide range of difficulty later in the over also.

Britain versus West Indies

A major top edge, fortunate to get by as the ball beats the defender running towards it by inches. Stairs’ has moved into twofold digits now and will be hoping to step up a counter-assault continuously to get England in a triumphant situation in the following two hours. ENG lead by 82

21:05 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

50 for Crawley

Crawley proceeds amazingly, with Stokes likewise getting off the squares. Crawley gets to his 50, a quick fifty, off 83 balls – his second Test cricket. I proceed to turn. Britain versus West Indies 6 overs to go before the new ball is permitted. Feeds glad to get fours off the incidental Chase free ball. ENG lead by 71

20:56 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Feeds gets first runs, initial 4

Holder to Stokes. Some huge fights set to happen in this last meeting. Feeds prevail upon that by playing a clinical straight drive for four as Holder pitches it excessively Britain versus West Indies full. First runs, first limit for Stokes. ENG lead by 62

20:50 (IST)

11 JUL 2020


The last meeting starts

Feeds and Crawley exit. West Indies is seen as having a serious talk as they step out. Stirs, clearly considerably more loose, sits on the ad board as he pauses. 54/3 in the second innings viably. This following meeting will presumably choose what direction this match will turn. Here we go! Pursue to Crawley.

20:45 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Britain versus West Indies

What amount is a lot in the fourth innings?

What kind of an objective will England behave, and Britain versus West Indies if it ends up like that, when will they figure it’s safe to proclaim?

20:29 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Tea – ENG lead by 54

End of the meeting. Britain’s score successfully 54/3 in the second innings with four meetings left in the match. In any case, each of the three outcomes conceivable. Britain versus West Indies Stirs on 0*, Crawley on 38*.

20:26 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Last finished

Britain versus West Indies

Brathwaite astounds the remainder of the meeting. The non-ordinary bowler creates some fervor. Does he have the wicket of Stokes? The Umpire says no. WI audit.

Britain versus West Indies, Not, however. Feeds’ wicket would have been a major one yet no spike on UltraEdge as the ball passes the bat.

20:23 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Crawley proceeds with assault against the turn

Crawley is hoping to take the assault to Chase in these last couple of moments of the meeting. Has no apprehensions in venturing out of his wrinkle. Lofts it over mid-off for four. The lead crosses 50. Inquiries on what amount is an excessive amount of starting to be presented now as far as the amount of a lead West Indies yield from here on.

20:20 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Yells of ‘Catch’

Large yells of ‘Catch!’ as Crawley gets a major top edge. Britain versus West Indies Shai Hope gives a valiant effort to arrive at it, however, the ball beats him by inches. Feeds get some leg byes with a flick as Alzarri strays down the leg side. ENG lead by 44

20:13 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

ENG lead by 38

Feeds present an accentuated minimized resistance to Chase to begin. We make certain to see a volte-face on the off chance that he is thereafter another couple of hours.

Britain versus West Indies Crawley plays a bogus shot, rushed by Alzarri, who has come back to the assault. West Indies have a window once more. Another wicket currently will put them immovably in the driving seat,

Britain versus West Indies

20:06 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Denly falls

Britain crosses 150. Be that as it may, the Chase strikes! Denly, in the wake of having done all the difficult work, offers a simple catch with a nothing shot. Pursue gets Britain versus West Indies his second. Denly is out for 29. ENG 151/3, lead by 37

Feeds come out in 5. Will the captain say something?

20:00 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Are West Indies failing on the edge side?

West Indies appear to be substantial to holding the runs down at this stage. Pursue, for example, isn’t offering a lot of an assaulting danger. Denly and Crawley, who has likewise moved into his 20s, permitted a lot of opportunities. ENG lead by 35.

19:50 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

ENG lead by 29

West Indies bowlers giving a few indications of tiring as the meeting slow down. Bug persevering with his wide of off stump line, with Chase working from the opposite end Britain versus West Indies without introducing an excessive number of dangers. Crawley (18) and Denly (27) move the score along please. In the meantime, says something regarding the DR’s contention.

Britain versus West Indies

19:42 (IST)

11 JUL 2020

Crawley settles in

Crawley plays another fine. Straight drive for four of Roach. More runs as an edge run down past the slips. Runs coming in all manners and England move into a place Britain versus West Indies of solidarity again with around 30 minutes left in the meeting. ENG lead by 23









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