About Clyde Leather Company: Complete knowledge of their products (2022)

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Clyde Leather: After numerous years working mostly in the Leeds region, Walter Bevan Harris, a certified calfskin specialist and cowhide scientist, with the assistance of a gathering of representatives, decided to go into business in 1955.

He leased premises in Leeds Road, Otley (a structure which had been exchanging as a tannery), and Bevan Harris Ltd was made.

The important item made was modern gloving from split shoulders and butts. They immediately added calfskin creation for the bootee, shoe, and sports shoe exchange.

In the mid-1960’s the two of his children, Ian, and Roger Harris, joined the organization and soon after, with rent challenges, another site was required.

The current site at Broadlie Works, Neilston was gained in 1963. The premises, previously a sanitizer factory tracing back to 1792, had been changed over to a split cowhide tannery in 1947 (The Clyde Leather Co Ltd), incompletely because of the prepared stockpile of delicate water for coloring and tanning.

This endeavor, presently known as the Clyde Leather Company, developed quickly, despite the sudden passing of Walter Bevan Harris in August 1967, passing on Ian and Roger to deal with the business.

The items went from modern gloving, softened cowhide parts and pigmented printed parts. Each of the three items flourished because of predictable superior grades and sharp evaluation. The completed parts turned into the foremost item, providing all the main football boots and preparing shoe producers.

In the last part of the 1980s, Ian’s two children, Paul and Richard joined the privately-owned company. Paul has a monetary foundation, working and preparing in London, and directs the auxiliary organizations Clyde Marine Leather and R C Brady (UK) Ltd. Richard as the Managing Director of the Clyde Leather Company has broad experience from working in Southern Hemisphere tanneries and learned at the British School of Leather, Northampton University where he acquired a degree in Leather Chemistry.

The British calfskin industry was, around then, for the most part in an exceptionally unfortunate state a considerable lot of Clyde Leather’s center clients shut their shoe processing plants en masse, however, through difficult work, scaling down and expansion the organization made due.

Present Day

Today the tannery, under the administration of Richard Harris, actually delivers softened cowhide/pigmented and modern calfskins. Notwithstanding, the organization currently tailor-makes each client’s prerequisites to create a custom item deserving of our proceeded presence inside the British Leather Industry.

We are the main calfskin tannery in Scotland. Despite being a third-era organization Clyde Leather Company is youthful, as far as the age of the Industry, with enormous excitement for creating and working on the nature of their cowhides.

The unrefined substance utilized are parts and are obtained inside the UK for quality confirmation and the Clyde Leather Company remain completely consistent with REACH guidelines.

We have an energetic and dynamic labor force with a solid spotlight on quality all through the cycle and up to the completed item. The execution of new apparatus and foundation empowers Clyde Leather to keep in sync with the most recent procedures.

We have qualified specialists creating calfskins with an extremely active way to deal with guaranteeing the ideal outcomes are accomplished and this is gone on through into the creative interaction.

What’s to come is promising: a full request book, plant speculation, and new items. Clyde Leather Company keeps on thriving for another age.

Calfskin Leathers

We produce a significant level of quality softened cowhide from 0.9mm to 3.0mm thickness. We tailor-make the calfskin cowhides to the client’s necessities. Our softened cowhide is utilized in different items goes for example shoes, belting, purses, attire, and furniture.

Pigmented Leathers

Color calfskin created in goes from 0.9/1.0mm to 3.0/3.5mm thickness.
Various prints are accessible from custom to fascinating and to client particular.
Our pigmented cowhides are utilized in an assortment of items including little calfskin merchandise, belts, totes, shoes, instrument cases, and so forth

Modern Leathers

Clyde Leather produces softened cowhide calfskins for modern gloving, welders’ covers, and full coats for high insurance. Calfskins have high hotness assurance and we have been fabricating this kind of item for more than 50 years.

Tailor-made LEATHER

We tailor-make the calfskin cowhides to the client’s necessities. Our calfskin is utilized in different items goes including shoes, belting, totes, apparel, and furniture.


We’re creating and handling the issues of providing top caliber in huge volumes, in various shadings.


Clyde Leather produces calfskin cowhides for modern gloving, welders’ covers, and full coats for high insurance. Calfskins have high hotness assurance and we have been fabricating this kind of item for more than 50 years.

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