Why We Celebrate Commonwealth Day 2021: Latest Blog

What is Commonwealth Day?

Ward Day is a yearly festival of the Commonwealth of Nations. It was once known as Empire Day.

It was first celebrated on 24 May 1902, on what might have been Queen Victoria’s birthday the year after her demise. Be that as it may, it didn’t turn out to be authoritatively perceived as a yearly occasion until 1916.

In 1958, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan reported in Parliament that Empire Day would be renamed CW Day.

This is on the grounds that the British Empire had begun to decrease by the 1950s, and Britain’s relationship with numerous countries in the Empire had likewise changed.

These nations began commending their own personalities, and the possibility of British colonialism overall was addressed all the more frequently, specific by more left-wing lawmakers.

Following a 1973 proposition by the Royal CW Day Society, the CW Day Secretariat moved the festival to the second Monday in March.

Federation Day is chiefly celebrated in the UK, Australia, Canada and Gibraltar.

When is the Queen’s broadcast address?

A Celebration for Commonwealth Day will be shown live on BBC One at 5pm on Sunday 7 March.

In a proclamation, Buckingham Palace said: “In Her Majesty’s yearly CW Day message, the Queen will honor the manner by which networks across the group of countries have met up because of the pandemic.”

The Prince of Wales has likewise recorded a directive for the program tending to “the widespread demolition brought about by the Covid pandemic”.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will likewise show up, addressing clinical, noble cause and intentional staff from across the Commonwealth about their work during Covid.

When is Commonwealth Day celebrated?

Republic Day is praised on the second Monday of March. This year CW Day will be the eighth of March 2021.

What is the subject of Commonwealth Day?

Every year a subject is picked for Commonwealth Day. This year the topic will revolve around a similar subject as 2020, this is ‘conveying a typical future.’ Last year the topic was ‘conveying a typical future: associating, advancing, and changing.’ This is being empowered again in 2021 with virtual occasions; empowering the nations of the CW Day to cooperate, accomplish shared objectives, ensure our normal assets, and lift exchange.

What is the historical backdrop of the Commonwealth?

The vast majority of the nations in the Common wealth were recently represented by Britain as a feature of the British Empire. After the nations proclaimed freedom the CW Day was shaped. The nations are viewed as a family that can cooperate and help one another.

What nations are important for the Commonwealth?

The district nations include:

the UK



New Zealand

Papua New Guinea






Sri Lanka








South Africa

Furthermore, some more!

The republic nations have their own banner as well!

Realities about the Commonwealth:

There are more than 2 billion individuals in the CW Day!

1 out of 3 individuals in the world are important for the Common wealth

Minuscule islands, like Nauru in the Pacific, are important for the Common wealth

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa were the principal nations to join Britain in the CW Day

India joined the Common wealth in 1947 after a long battle for autonomy.

South Africa left the Common wealth in 1961 and didn’t get back to the Commonwealth until 1994

In 1990 Namibia on the grounds that the main country that was never represented by Britain to join the Common wealth.

In 2009 the Common wealth nations commended the 60th commemoration of the CW Day.

How to observe Commonwealth Day?

We have a lot of convenient assets you can use to educate and observe Commonwealth Day with your understudies. We have worksheets, exercises, PowerPoints and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You may jump at the chance to begin with our CW Day PowerPoint Presentation, to show your class the Commonwealth.

We have a convenient Common wealth Day Resource Pack, which incorporates all you will require to show your kids the CW Day. It incorporates shading sheets, PowerPoints, word look, truth sheets, show banners, and that’s just the beginning!

In the event that you might want to show your understudies every one of the numerous nations inside the Commonwealth, this CW Day Locational Knowledge Map Activity will be extraordinary!

On the off chance that you are searching for a gathering PowerPoint, look no further! We have a beautiful CW Day Assembly PowerPoint here!

Why not investigate this Common wealth Games Information PowerPoint as well!

What’s more, look at our free asset CW Day Flags Bingo – a magnificent and fun movement to do with your group.

For KS1 kids, investigate these CW Day Games Dot-to-Dot Activity Sheets!

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