Cookie (2020) latest hunted Movie with some good reviews

Cookie (2020)

Survey: Young, rich, insubordinate, Cookie lovely and intense… Treat is your run of the mill millennial who needs only Cookie consideration from her uber occupied guardians (and heavy pocket cash, as well).

However, their relationship with her ‘infant sister’ has consistently been a trigger for the upset youngster, who is loaded up with vindictive propensities and has taken ‘kin competition’ to an unheard-of level.


The film begins with a peculiar (and gravely executed) enthusiastic upheaval, trailed by a couple of additional in fast progressions.

Yet, before one could fold their head over what’s happening in the film – regardless of whether Cookie has psychological well-being issues or she simply has a consideration looking for persona, is something that remaining parts a riddle all through – an unconventional cop strolls in and acquaints the stressed guardians with the idea of ‘confidence in eternity’ and all other similarly abnormal hypotheses that have neither rhyme nor reason.

Her work, both as a wound individual and an apparition looking for retribution, is difficult to endure; funny foundation score and special visualizations aggravate things as it were. Rajeev Gupta, as the confined dad,

has kept up one articulation in the whole film – that of not emoting by any means. Reena Wadhwa, as the exaggerated mother and the ‘anointed one’ for her little girl’s severe soul, is half-nice in the principal half however loses hold over herself in the second;

her had demonstration is unfathomable and not in a pleasant manner.



The content is aimless from the word go and certain components make no sense even by Bollywood ghastliness norms.

For example, the dad doesn’t cry a solitary drop of tear after hearing the devasting updates on his little girl’s troublesome demise, and he chooses to remain at home while the beau gathers her body from the morgue.

The chief attempts to fit in different human feelings in a single crazy story – of youngster disregard, kin competition, retribution and so forth –

yet it’s execution is plain trashy, which the Indian blood and gore flicks are at any rate famous for. Indeed, there was an endeavor to accomplish something

‘Hatke’ with ‘Treat’ yet the diegesis is an amalgamation of every single other film in this sort; unsurprising till the credits roll.

Indeed, this treat has disintegrated and we should race to security!

a cookie is one more Horror Bollywood Flick and the absolute first of 2020. As we as a whole realize that there is a gigantic area of individuals who wants to watch Horror Movies.

Treat is one all the more such film. The trailer of any film recounts a half anecdote about the film and quality and class of the film. However, it is smarter to watch the film before going to a judgment about the film.

Since a film trailer can be acceptable, terrible or normal, yet the film content and execution of that content by the chief is pivotal from the pundit’s perspective. In this specific case, the film trailer portrays the film in a whole

Film Plot: Cookie (Viboutee Sharma) is a hot-headed youthful pre-adulthood young lady who is exceptionally annoyed with the carelessness of her folks towards her.

Her dad Rajeev Kapoor (Rajeev Gupta) and mother Aparna Kapoor (Reena Wadhwa) stay occupied in the business exercises and whatever extra time they are being utilized for their more youthful child.



This demonstration of her folks causes Cookie to feel like an opponent of her sister. Later she kicks the bucket and re-shows up as a Ghost who doesn’t care for her folks and her more youthful sister.

Acting: No on-screen character is amazing by any means.

Exaggerated demonstration of Reena Wadhwa and enthusiastic less acting of Rajeev Gupta would constrain you to indent your hair in disappointment. Vibhoutee Sharma is however somewhat absorbable with some HAAJMOLA and so on.

No other entertainer could do equity to the camera and the executive has flopped seriously to make them act as indicated by the severely composed content.

Heading: Nothing a lot to state about course. As expressed over, the chief maybe overlooks that the story is required to be rotated around in the brain of the crowd.

Be that as it may, he kept the story in his psyche just and apparently while making the film he overlooked the crowd. He made the film for his fulfillment just and not for the crowd. I



might want to underline that for a decent film, great content is the above all else prerequisite without which it is close to difficult to make the film fascinating and engaging.

In this film, the content and screenplay are severely composed and SONE PE SUHAGA is the course. There is no uncertainty that the content was bad at everything except rather that is the reason a chief is so significant for the film.

Lalit Marathe, as a chief, was required to introduce the film is such a style, that it could get amazing. Be that as it may, tragically he was unable to include any flavor in the film and the awful content turns out to be more regrettable after execution.

Treat Movie Review:

The film raises some difficult issues like ‘Kin Rivalry’, guardians carelessness towards their ward, guardians one-sided conduct between two kids, the brain science of youngsters and a youthful pre-adulthood kid and so on however sorry to state that the film is headless.

The Script Writer and the Director may be overlooked that the story is for the crowd and not for them as it were. It is difficult for a group of people to comprehend the idea of the film and what mental injury Cookie is experiencing and why.



We have seen ‘Kin Rivalry’ in numerous Masala Bollywood films yet ‘Treat’ takes this contention to a whole new level. However, we don’t discover any motivation to watch the film.

In short, there is no component in the film which could carry the crowd to the film corridor. Overall the film neglects to engage the crowd


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