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CTET TET Recruitment for Teachers- Revision of Education Policy as declared in 2020 will now bring a change in the teacher recruitment policies too

CTET TET Recruitment for Teachers

CTET TET Recruitment for Qualified Teacher:

The recruitment of CTET TET qualified teachers to the central schools, KVS and NVS is expected to be largely impacted by new Education Policy as declared lately. Recently, in a reformed move taken by the Union Education Ministry, under the leadership of Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, declared the New Education Policy. This Policy sets to transform the Indian Education system altogether, as we see it. Not only will this new policy is expected to change the aged system but also, it will bring in a change in the teacher recruitment policies too.

The new education policy as declared ought to have an impact on the CTET examination as well. Once we observe these changes being implemented, we will be distinguished with the entire change in the way hiring for teachers is done.

The new 5+3+3+4 School Education System. CTET TET

As interesting as it may seem to read, what exactly does this 5+3+3+4 curriculum means. We will get into the basics of what this system stands for:

5 3 3 4
5 years

Foundation stage

3 years

Preparatory Stage

3 years-

Middle Stage

4 years

Secondary Stage

3 yrs. Pre-School +

Class I & II

Class III to Class V Class VI to Class XIII Class IX to Class XXII

Mother Tongue/Regional Language to be taught till Class V

As per the new guidelines, teachers would be required to teach students in their Mother tongue or Regional language till Class V. Hence, teachers applying for CTET TET would be required to have the good command over their Mother tongue.

The government seems to develop a transparent process for teacher recruitment, hence New Professional Standards for Teachers (NPST).

B.Ed. degree of 4 years would start by 2030. Thereafter the teachers will have to undergo a high-quality training in terms of pedagogy and content. Only, when a teacher under this 4 year B.Ed degree program and CTET will they be able to apply for various government school teacher recruitment.

Technology Advancement- Considering a major upturn in technology in schools in the coming years under the New Education Policy, teachers will have to have relevant skills in this area too.




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