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Darshan Raval opens up on his upcoming track ‘Duniya Chhor Doon’

Duniya Chod Doon Track release 18th October 2021

Darshan Raval, a singer-composer, is set to unleash his latest album Duniya Chhor Doon.The track is a quintessential romantic track and will be released on October 18.Darshan is well known for his songs, including Jannat ve, a monsoon special song.Mai kisi aur ka hu filhal songs. Raval needs his fans to continue to provide him with unwavering support as he gears up for this album’s release.

They have embraced every path of mine, and it’s their unwavering support that enables me to grow with each movement.I am sincerely hoping that the audience enjoys this album as much as I have enjoyed my previous songs, he said.

Singer Darshan Raval, who has made a special place in the hearts of fans with his singing, is soon going to be among the fans with a new music video. This song of Darshan Rawal, famous for his romantic songs, is also going to be romantic. Darshan Rawal upstand from the reality show ”Rising Superstar”. In this show Rawal comes on second place or runner-up. Fans got angry why Darshan Rawal not win the show. But see with support of his fans he stood up at the top, but no one knows where the show winner gone.

Singer Darshan Raval is all set to release his new track ‘Duniya Chhod Doon’. The track, a romantic number, will release on October 18. Darshan is also known for his tracks like ‘Jannat Ve’ which was a monsoon special song.

Raval, on his part, hopes that his fans will continue to give him unwavering support as they will love the song. Rawal said, “‘Duniya Chhod Doon’ is a song that I am sure my fans will love. They have loved every track of mine and it is this unwavering support that keeps me improving myself with every track.” Inspires. Our entire team has put in a lot of hard work to make this number and I am sure the audience will love it as much as they have enjoyed my previous songs.”

The track will be released on the official YouTube channel of the indie music label.

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