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Delhi Government decision on Azadpur Wholesale Market

Delhi Government Allows Azadpur Wholesale Market To Operate Round-The-Clock Amid Lockdown

After the breakup of corona in the capital, it’s very hard to maintain all the services and government and police is always working on that. But the question arises how to fulfil the basic needs like vegetables and fruit. In Delhi, we have the world largest fruit and vegetable market Azadpur Market from where vegetables and fruits get supply to almost whole India. In Azad mandi(market) a lot of people visit to buy fruits and vegetables in bulk so that they can supply that in different parts and in that question arises how to maintain social distancing and how to avoid such gatherings. To maintain this market now special meagers have been taken by the government and President body of Azadpur Mandi to make sure of social distancing.

In terms to maintain social distancing President of Azad mandi has taken a decision to make sure on 1000 people enter mandi at one time. This market will be functioned in between 6 am to 11 am and fruits from 2 pm to 6 pm where one can buy and sale vegetables and fruits in mandi. Then after trucks will be allowed to enter the mandi in between 10 pm and 6 am. According to government orders, Azadpur Mandi will remain functional only clockwise to maintain social distancing. Adil Ahmad Khan, chairman of Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (Azadpur) has also said that 600 workers are already engaged in the sanitization activity of the mandi and 900 civil defence will ensure social distancing. With that police force and two battalions will remain active in the area to maintain social distancing.


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