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Demand of GST free Items

Make All COVID-19 Related Equipment GST-free: Rahul Gandhi

India and its politics work whenever it is required for the growth of common people and that’s what recent twites of Mr Rahul Gandhi talk about. Rahul recently posts twites of twitter in which he asked the government to make every essential thing in this pandemic situation GST free. Rahul is the president of Congress party and he always raise his voice to provide a strong opposition to PM Modi. Now Rahul asked to make essential things such as soap, face mask, hand sanitizer and gloves to be GST free. He tweeted this all in Hindi where he said why the government is charging people GST in this pandemic situation. Right now the situation is like nobody has a proper income and GST will directly affect them as he mentioned the list of percentage of GST charge on every item. In all of the hand, sanitizer has the highest rate of GST which is 18 %. After which he mentioned the GST charge on hospital beds and tablets which is 12 per cent and 5 % on a mask and diagnostic kits and on some life-saving drugs including vaccines.
During this outbreak where everyone is going through a difficult time because of this COVID-19, GST charge will make people run out of their pockets if the government continues to charge all the people to pay GST Rahul claimed.


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