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Disney Plus – Features, Scope, Shows and More

Disney is finally prepared to wave and disseminate its very own customised, less magical wand as its streaming service boldly conquers the digital world.

Disney+, which launched on November 12th, 2019, has quickly risen to become one of the year’s top streaming services, according to numerous major media portals. The service attracted more than 10 million customers on the day of launch alone, according to data gathered from the CNET media website.

Disney owns the ad-free, subscription-based streaming media service Disney+. It offers a complete library of TV series and films that can be accessed at any time on a wide variety of devices. The app is now accessible in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and the United States. On March 31, 2020, it will go on sale in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Disney claims that within the first year, a library of more than 7500 episodes and films from their works would be available. The app is also designed to be the only home for Pixar, Star Wars, and the wonderful Marvel franchise in addition to Disney’s own studio, providing it an advantage over other streaming services.

A wealth of Disney-related films and TV shows are also hosted there. There are both contemporary films like Descendants and famous classic stories like Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Beauty and the Beast. The app also includes timeless classics like Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

Disney Plus, however, is producing new material with its existing well-known and adored characters or shows in addition to bringing old ones back from the dead. For instance, Disney Plus included the live-action musical series of the wildly popular and beloved High School Musical.

In addition to its current programming, Disney Plus has announced the debut of numerous Phase 4 MCU series, including “Loki” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Another trick up the service’s sleeve is the inclusion of “The Mandalorian,” the first live-action Star Wars series, which has proven to be very effective in winning over its target audience.

The goal of Disney’s overall business strategy is to immerse its audience in the worlds that shape our childhoods. Disney places a lot of emphasis on nostalgia, which has long been one of its most effective magic ingredients. Disney uses the nostalgia surrounding its timeless classics as a tool to compel viewers to watch its films, and it has also been successful in promoting Disney Plus.

The Pricing Strategy

From the consumer’s point of view, signing up for yet another streaming service can be a significant hassle, especially when one considers their exorbitant rates. But to everyone’s surprise, Disney Plus has launched at… yeah, a fairly reasonable price point.

In the US, the service will only set you back $6.99 a month and $70 for an entire year. In addition, it is also providing other reasonable offers, such as a bundle that saves you, on average, $14 if you subscribe to Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN separately for just $12.99 a month.

You may subscribe to the service for $8.99 per month in Australia, $8.99 in Canada, and $9.99 in New Zealand.

On the other side, Disney Plus is available in the Netherlands for $6.99 per month.

By choosing this reasonable price structure, Disney Plus has successfully increased the likelihood that the majority of consumers will give it a try.

The Future Scope

Disney Plus has so far maintained its popularity despite being limited to a small number of countries. Disney Plus has managed to nail a number of significant things, from affordable bundles to excellent streaming resolution to an assortment filled with a mix of the nostalgic old and the power-packed modern.

Here are a few characteristics that provide Disney Plus a competitive advantage over its rivals while also having the potential to undermine its current level of popularity.

Streaming – The Future Television

Streaming services have been expanding at a steady rate as our environment becomes more digital. Disney Plus could not have been come at a better moment with internet streaming currently surging and services like Netflix, Prime, and Hulu becoming more popular. Disney Plus benefits from the streaming market’s demand.

At the same time, the service’s restricted global availability may act as a deterrent to demand. With highly anticipated shows like The Mandalorian and the High School Musical series that people are clamouring to see while they are in high demand globally, the delay in the service’s availability in the other key areas could prove to be a significant lapse.

The Straightforward Pricing

Disney’s clear pricing strategy seems considerably easier and more simple than the complex multi-level pricing scheme used by services like Netflix with its basic, standard, and premium plans or Hulu’s ad-supported options.

There is only one package available for each service, and it includes a 7-day free trial, 4K HDR streaming, mobile downloads, and simultaneous viewing on 4 logged-in devices. This can undoubtedly provide it an advantage over its rivals.

Disney, on the other hand, has a very small selection of titles right now and it will take a long time to build up a big library, unlike Netflix and Prime, which offer a huge range of content at their costs. Disney Plus’s low cost may increase demand in the near term, but there is no guarantee that this will continue in the long run.

4k HDR Streaming

Although not all of the service’s content is currently available in 4K quality, what is is is free to access. Future of the 4K resolution for the service looks very promising, starting with the original Star Wars trilogy, several contemporary animated films like Frozen and Moana, as well as some timeless classics like Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, and with the upcoming new Marvel and Pixar titles lined up.

While this is going on, Apple only makes a limited number of its premium capabilities, such as vision image, available on non-Apple products. Netflix does provide 4K HDR, but only as part of its $15.99/monthly premium subscription plan.

Exclusive Content

The exclusivity of Disney’s content is one clear advantage it has over rival services. Disney is already a pro in the content creation field with tonnes of production experience, and the more exclusive content it will produce, the more audience it will easily attract if it’s affordable price rates, established brand name, and HD streaming quality doesn’t do the job. Netflix and Amazon Prime have only recently started producing their own original series and films to boost their brand value.

However, the narrow genres of its existing franchises, coupled with their shared cultures and never-ending sequels and additions, could also wind up boring the audience and result in a serious lack of content market diversification.

Online streaming is the way of the future of television. And the Walt Disney Company has already shown that it is prepared with Disney Plus. Disney updates its channels and programming frequently to keep current. Disney Plus’s launch has supported the notion that we are moving towards a more digitalized world where streaming maintains a stronger position than cable television.

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