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Download Roohi Movie : #Cast : Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor, Varun Sharma, Manav Vij, Alexx O’Nell, Sarita Joshi
#Director : Hardik Mehta
#Genre : Horror-Comedy

When the trailer of ‘Roohi’ was unveiled a few weeks ago, it did not give away a fair idea about the plot, but I was particularly hopeful about its prospects, given the credible talents associated with it. , The film’s lead Rajkummar Rao shot to mainstream stardom with the 2018 horror-comedy ‘Stree’, which was also moonlit by ‘Roohi’s producers Maddock Films. Of course, it was quite a tall order to live upto. Or are our expectations unrealistic?

Roohi Movie Review

Set in a fictional town of North India, Roohi is a horror-comedy about two small-town boys, Bhaura and Kattanni played by Rajkummar Rao and Varun Sharma, who come across a girl called Roohi, played by Janhvi Kapoor. Due to strange circumstances both the boys are stuck with Roohi in a forest. Bhaura falls in love with Roohi but the twist in the tale happens when they realize that Roohi has a split personality and her other personality in the same body is called Afza. If Bhaura likes Roohi, then Kattanni starts liking Afza! But Roohi and Afza are the same person.

Roohi Movie Casts

Childhood besties Bhawra Pandey (Rajkumar Rao) and Kattani Qureshi (Varun Sharma) are tasked with the abduction of Roohi (Janhvi Kapoor) by Guniya Bhai (Manav Vij)  as part of the bride-kidnapping tradition that is prevalent in their village of Bagadpur.   When the supposed groom’s family discovers that Roohi is suffering from split personality disorder, the marriage is called off and Bhawra and Kattani are told to hide with her in a forest away from the eyes of the law. While hiding out, Bhawra and Kattani witness Roohi’s alter ego Afza  in a series of encounters. While Bhawra is determined to free Roohi from the clutches of the spirit that resides within her, Kattani harbours feelings for Afza.

I hope makers are more mindful about releasing content theatrically given how digital mediums have influenced the consumption patterns of our audience in this post-pandemic age.

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