Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti 2021

14th April is Celebrated as Ambedkar Jayanti Every year

April 14 is Celebrated as Bhimarao Ambedkar Jayanti Every year, Who was Dr B.R Ambedkar

In india we celebrate 14th April as Ambedkar Jayanti Every year , each and every child of this country is familiar with Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. He is the man who wrote our Constitution. He was well educated and peaceful personality , he was a great thinker and politician as well.

There is a quotation of Baba Saheb Ambedkar:-

He said that life should be great rather than long.

Which means we should leave life with great opportunities, thought, big hearted and kindness in other hand it is not should be as much long as we wish , if your life is short and you are kindhearted , you had give some great innovations in your field it is great life that you did something good for your people but there is no need of long life which do not have any motive of their own.

Ambedkar face many problems throughout their childhood, he faced many discrimination on the basis of cast. He belongs to a lower cast of hindu religion and alway faced suppression of Brahmins and other upper casts.

Despite a lot of hardship and discrimination from the society, he achieved his matriculation in the year 1908. He further completed his studies at Columbia University and London School of Economics. He was awarded a doctorate by the well-known University of Columbia.

He started his political career by fighting for equal rights of Dalits. His thoughts were powerful and effective. He made a lot of efforts to maintain a bridge between the different class of society. There should not be any discrimination on basis of religion, gender or any sort of caste to be done.

With his all efforts aquiring support from people he fought for equality of Dalits like schedule cast and tribes , finally he got success in his work and get reservation for Dalits in evry sectors of job and parliament too. Further he becam a law minister of india and started his political career here. And after independence he contribute to makin constitution of India and we’ll known as Father of Constitution Today.

What do people on Ambedkar Jayanti ?

Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated as a national holiday, lies on 14 April every year. This is a tribute to Dr. Ambedkar for his precious work and building constitution of India. Maharashtra government has declared this day as “knowledge Day”. Every year Dr. Ambedkar photo has been honored with garland and followed with different events in colleges and schools. Schools and colleges have been organizing programs and speeches of various subjects in which Dr. Ambedkar has mastered in like social science, history, anthropology and political science.

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