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Earth receives first radio signals from planet outside of Solar System The signals were picked up using the world’s most powerful radio antenna, the Low-Frequency Array

Aliens are calling us?

Are aliens exist?

One question which always comes in mind is that are we alone in the universe? Is there someone more intelligent than human species? In simple words are aliens exist? Many such questions arising in our brain from childhood. But never we get an appropriate answer. But this time a miracle happened in Netherlands. A radio signa for first time observed by Antenna Array in Netherlands.

According to scientists, distant stars emitted radio signals, which were captured on Earth, suggesting the presence of planets hidden around them. LOFAR (Low-Frequency Array) in the Netherlands, which is the most powerful radio antenna in the world, captured  this signal.

Since the radio signals suggest the possibility of hidden planets in the distance, it also suggests the possibility of life present on other planets, besides our own. It is something we saw in koi mil gaya movie in which scientist emitted signals and captured it to from other planet’s. It could also lead scientists to answer the biggest question in astronomy:

Is Earth the only planet with life?

Dr Benjamin Pope from the University of Queensland and his colleagues at the Dutch national observatory ASTRON were the ones who detected this radio signal. Reports say signals from 19 distant red dwarfs have been spotted, four of which indicated the presence of planets orbiting them.

In a statement, the team of astronomers said, “We have long known that the planets in our own solar system emit powerful radio waves when their magnetic fields interact with the solar wind, but radio signals from planets outside our solar system had yet to be picked up.

The team also said the discovery of these signals may prove important for radio astronomy and could potentially lead to the discovery of planets across the galaxy. Previously, astronomers were only able to detect the closest stars in constant radio emission, and everything else in the radio sky was interstellar or exotic gas like black holes.

Dr Joseph Callingham of Leiden University and ASTRON, who is the lead author of the study, said: “Our own Earth has auroras, commonly recognized here as the Northern and Southern Lights, which also emit powerful radio waves – this comes from the interaction of the planet’s magnetic field with the solar wind.

Scientists further stated that although the presence of planets hidden through these signals cannot be 100% confirmed, the possibility of planet-star interaction is the best explanation for this event.

Supprisingly it will be our best discovery in world if we find some other species on other planet’s. It will be humans great achievement.

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