Eid-Ul-Fitr In India 2021

Eid Mubarak 2021, 14 April Will Be Eid-ul-fitr In India

Eid Mubarak To All, 14 April Will Be Celebrated As Eid-ul-fitr In India 2021

What is Eid? 

Eid is celebrated among Muslims all over the world. After a long fast of one month Ramzan, muslim used to celebrate Eid to show their happiness of completing one month long Fast. Eid is celebrated in the month of Shawal as accordingly muslim calender. Ramazan is the 9th month of lunar calendar as used by Muslim community. Apart from Gregorian Calendar muslim used to go through their Lunar calendar specially to celebrate their festivals. Lunar calendar has 29 or 30 days in a month.

When Eid Celebrated In India 2021?

In India this year Eid is going to celebrate on 14th May. It is going to start in the evening of 13 may and ends in the evening of 14 may. As per rules Eid is celebrated after the Cresent moon sighting in the sky. This moon is first seen in Saudi Arabia and then rest part of the world therefore, the Eid is also celebrated in Saudi Arabia first then other part of the world. New moon is seen in Arabia on 13th May therefore they celebrating Eid on 14th May while this year 2021 the rest part of the world will celebrate the Eid ul fitr on 14th May 2021.

How the Eid is celebrated?

Eid is celebrated by wearing new clothes, eating testy meals like Sewai, etc.. The most important thing people’s use to donate or charity which is called “Fitra”. Some percentage of their income has to be distributed among poor is most important thing in Eid-ul-fitr. The  people used to celebrate Eid together with family. After the Nmaz of Eid in the morning people meet and huge each other to increase brotherhood. But due to pandemic situation unfortunately not this month the Eid will Celebrated like this. Eid is going to celebrate in simple manner by praying at homes.

Eid Mubarak by Muskan Ara

Here Some Wishes Of Eid

I might not be there with you today, but you are always there in my prayers. May Allah bring peace and happiness to you. A very Happy Eid to you!

Let all join our hands to thank Allah for this wonderful day to pray, care, love, smile and celebrate with one another. Eid Mubarak!

No shadows to depress you, Only joys to surround you, God himself to bless you, these are my wishes for you, Today, tomorrow, and every day. Happy Eid!

May Allah accept your good deeds, forgive your transgressions and ease the suffering of all people around the globe. Eid Mubarak to you and your family!

May you continue to grow wiser and more charming every day! May this Eid bring happiness to your heart and to your family. Eid ul Fitr Mubarak!

May the light of the moon fall directly on you and Allah bless you with everything you desire today. Happy Eid!

Eid is a day to cheer and to laugh with all your heart. It’s a day to be grateful to Allah for all of his heavenly blessings on us. Wishing you a happy Eid!

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