Four More Shots please season 2

REVIEW OF Four More Shots please season 2

Four More Shots please season 2

An amazon prime web series which got a lot of applause from the audience from season 1 and now gathering the same from season 2. But seems like these 4 doesn’t seem like they have learned from there mistakes from last season. In this season also these girls Damini (Sayani Gupta), Umang (Bani J), Anjana (Kirti Kulhari) and Siddhi (Maanvi Gaagro) – the four girls who are back in the second season of Four More Shots Please. These four women, who met at the Truck Bar and bonded over tequila shots, might not have learned much from their mistake, but their bonds are stronger. As like season 1 this season is also directed by Nupur Asthana and created by Rangita Pritish Nandy, Four More Shots Please Season 2 again deals with the same-old drama that these four girls dealt within the first season, rightly called ‘Deja-chu’ by Anjana. A mess-up you’ve done before. As like last season, this season is also focused on self-confidence, sex and maturity where these girls are trying to accept themselves in their body, gender, love relations and in their career respectively.

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This series starts with a drunk Siddhi walking on the Galata Bridge in Istanbul. She drunk-dials Umang, which results in a reunion of the four in a foreign land. The three land up in Istanbul only to find Siddhi in bed with a Turkish guy, who they (including Siddhi) later discover is a hooker. Siddhi’s character seems to have undergone a transformation, but gradually, the viewers get to understand that she is the same girl, who can’t deal with adulting. We understand that the series celebrates the unapologetically flawed women, but one should, at some point, learn from their mistakes and not repeat them over and over again.

Four More Shots Please Characters

The other three girls are also seems to be delat with their personal and professional life where we saw Damini is still hanging between Jeh (Prateik Babbar) and Warsi (Milind Soman) in her love relationship and also dealing to get a publisher for her book on judge so that everyone can get to know about the truth behind his dealth but this book deals with alot of controversy and noo one wants to publish that, later she her self publish the book and try to sell it hers self too. In thi series we also saw herr pregnent but that too in melow drama of dealing between two mans. On other hand Umang is stil dealing with her realtionship with Samara where they both accepted themselves in public and becomes the most famous couple in the town and in the trunk cafe too. After which Umang started getting alot of projects for traning actors and actress personally, even you will see her doing photoshoot with Samara. At the end both will also try to tie knote with each other but this marriage going to last or not for that this season is a must watch. Now if we talk about Anjana then as like others she is also dealing with her realtionships where she broke up with Arjun and now she is hanging out with Mr. Boss who is a lawer and a compitior of Anjana but his love marriage and their screate realtionship will create alot of problem in Umang’s marriage. With that you will be seening her managing with his ex husband’s and his new wife and with that his baby’s custody also. Overall this series touches upon various topics – from open marriage, infidelity, misogyny, body positivity to anti-nationalism – but doesn’t delve much deeper with that it sum’s up as a must watch once.


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