Google Celebrates161th birthday of Japan’s “Father of Judo” Kano Jigoro With A Doodle

Doodle for Google Kano Jigoro

Who was Kano Jigoro today’s doodle for Google?

The Google Doodle on Professor Kano Jigoro’s birthday on October 28 has a number of slides and is animated to point out the Judo progenitor’s life and work in a collection of frames the place he seems to show his college students the worth of humility and onerous work when mastering the martial artwork.

The Google Doodle on Thursday paid tributes to Professor Kano Jigoro, who’s sometimes called Japan’s “Father of Judo”, for formalising the martial artwork as a sport that brings collectively individuals on rules of justice, courtesy, security, and modesty, even whereas throwing opponents to the mat generally. According to Google, the doodle has been illustrated by Los Angeles-based artist Cynthia Yuan Cheng to rejoice Professor Jigoro’s 161st beginning anniversary.

How did Kano Jigoro become the founder of Judo?

At 9 years old, he lost his mother. His father was then appointed to Tokyo. College then brilliant student, he took a keen interest in Western culture. Jigoro Kano arrives in Tokyo in 1871 where he will follow brilliant studies at the faculty of political science and letters.

He then learned some rudiments of ju-jitsu, from Master Iso, to resist the bullying of his comrades physically stronger than him. Very applied, persevering and concerned with techniques.

Kano Jigoro quickly mastered several styles of ju-jitsu (including Kito-Ryu and Tenjin-shinyo Ryu) that he began to study in 1877, under the tutelage of three successive masters: Hachinosuke Fukuda , Masamoto Iso and Tsunetoshi Iikubo.

It was in 1882 that he founded the Kodokan, Center for the study of the Way based on the principles of modern sports in the Eishoji temple in Tokyo. Kano wants to adapt Ju-jitsu to the new era. Ju-jitsu is an unarmed combat technique used by samurai on the battlefield.

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