Happy Sunday Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Happy Sunday Wishes

  • Wishing a lovely Sunday to my dearest, have a nice day and get relax…
  • Warmth wishing to my friends,that this Sunday may be most romantic day for you….
  • Best wishes to this Sunday, stay with fresh faced beautiful morning…
  • Best wishes to my friends ,you get lots of happiness today as comparison as other days….
  • Wishing this Sunday to my lovely friend, the theme “mummy ne tumhe , chai pe bulaya hai” get together with us dear!
  • Best wishes to all this day that everyday is very challenging for ours, now the time of relaxation. Enjoy with fun.
  • I am wishing this Sunday to my closest friends, celebrate no holiday, this a fully refreshing day. Refresh. your mind and think well forward…..

Happy Sunday Quotes

  • Best wishes dear to this Sunday. That’s amazing family time to renew our relationships after six days.Enjoy full of romance with this Sunday..
  • Ending of working schedule and beginning of weekend… Just feeling relax , refresh and mental peace.., pass the day with lovely moment…
  • As a thirsty crow come near to water, just like that we all aspects Sunday after tiredness…

कुछ दिनों के बाि,
आज दिलों में बहार आया,
सुबह िेर से जागा तो जाना,
फिर से हमारा रवििार आया।।
थकी हारी जजिंिगी में,
थोडा करार आया।
जब सोचा इस किर तो,
इस जजिंिगी पर प्यार आया।।
happy Sunday…


रोज की थकान से परे।
जब आज जागा िेर सिेरे।
मन में अिंगडाइयािं खिली।
चल आज िुशियों के रिंग बबिेरे।
Happy Sunday


जैसे उम्मीिों के पररिंिे को पिंि लग गए।
जब उडने को ननकले तो, अरमान सिंग लग गए।
फकस दििा उड़ू
यह समझ न आया।
उडते उडते मन घबराया,
फिर से उन पिंिों को साहस िेने ,
आज फिर रवििार आया।।
Refresh your mind…
Happy Sunday

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