Happy womens day Wishes and Quotes

History of women’s Day

Women’s Day is celebrated in whole world on 8th march.This is international celebration stands for womens social economic cultural and political achievements of women. It also sign for accelerating women’s equality.

In 2021 the theme of international women’s Day is get new title “women in leadership”. All world salute that womens who inspired all members related to her. Now this day wishes all womens like sister, mother, wife, girlfriend, colleagues.

There are some wishes to all women’s Day 2021 that you can stare with the inspiring women in your life.

Women’s Day wishes
Woman’s Day wishes for sister
Womens Day wishes for friends
Women’s Day wishes for wife
Womens Day wishes for girlfriend
Womens Day wishes for colleagues
Womens Day wishes for mother

Womens Day wishes for sister

Dear sister you are younger than me but you always inspired me with your aims and comment commitment. For all I want say today! happy women’s Day.!!

My dear sister, you are treasure of my life.both I and you have shared beta and sweet moments with each other. You always comfort to me, help me and appreciate me in every way . And all this I want say happy women’s Day to you !!

If you could see it from my eyes, you would know you are a star of my life which twinkling with own love and inspiration.Today is a great day for you! So I say happy women’s Day to you!!

Younger sister is like to grandmother and older is like to mother which motivate always. Love you my sister! Happy women’s Day!!

Every heart, every moment of happiness ,every feeling and every family is incomplete without you. Only you can complete this world so nice , my pretty sister happy women’s Day!!

Women’s Day wishes for friend

You are my strength, happiness and inspiration. You always appreciate me. I am so lucky that I have a great supporter. Thanks to be my friend! Happy women’s Day!!

Truth friendship is the most powerful relationship and being friendship with a women is a lucky coin of life you are my special friend and great women!! happy women’s Day.

Sending best wishes on women’s Day to my special friend who are symbol of strength, power, inspiration and right guidance. May you are always blessed and successful everywhere happy women’s Day.

Womens day wishes for wife

In every condition I troubled but you solve all problems with your understanding personality you love and respect me and my all family and also helping them. You are my truth life partner forever. For all dedication I want to say a great happy women’s Day to my loving wife.

You do my all work which make a big difference on my life. I respect and love you lot because you are my strength. From your entrance in my life , my life became very beautiful. So my dearest wife all these substances wish you a happy women’s Day.

The day when you walked in my life, my life is totally changed. Thanks for giving me a beautiful and peaceful life. With all my heart I wish you very happy women’s Day.

Sending a best wishes to you because you are special in my life you are a blooming rose in my life, happy women’s Day to my wife.

Womens Day wishes for girlfriend

You are the only one who always inspire me a lot. I learn to you that how you struggling always and get success . You always stands for me, my dearest girlfriend happy women’s Day.

On this women’s Day , I want to say that you are the most special woman in my life and I am so lucky to have you in my life , happy women’s Day.

You are one of the women that is reason that I am better person today. Thanks for all your love, support and confidence on me. Best wishes on women’s Day to you.

Womens Day wishes for colleagues

Everyday a challenge, and everyday is also an opportunity. Wishing you success in everything and everywhere you do…… Happy women’s Day to you.

You are a great leader and wonderful colleagues. You are the most impressive personality. You work hard so always get success full stop this stands for one such women like you !happy women’s Day to you.

Womens Day wishes for mother

You are the existence of my life . You are always there when I needed you the most. Your love, your dedication and your patience can never compared with any other. You are my superstar mamma. Wish you a very happy and a great mothers Day!

You are the most unique creation of God .you always motivate me and also guided right path in my life. You are the best mom in this world and deserve a great happy womens Day to you.

You are the greatest supporter of my life. You always stands with me everywhere and everyday. After birth to even today, I learned everything’s to you. You are my first teacher in my life to teach us a lesson of life. You are in my forever. My dear mom , for all sacrifices, love and support , wish you a great women’s Day.

You blessed for me always. When I felt you support and help me you work daily 24 into 7 hours. You are the the most powerful women in my life. Thanks for giving birth to me and always inspiring me. Another takes to you in my life happy women’s Day to my dearest mom.

Mom, you are the best teacher ever, best friend, best mother and a beautiful woman. you perfect in in in in any role and solved everything easily. I proud of you that you are my mother and I am your son. With love and respect, Happy mothers Day.


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