Holy Grail Solar System: 40 light years away from Earth

Holy Grail Solar System

Scientists have started investigating the ‘Holy Grail’ solar system to learn more about the planets where life may exist. According to NASA, the star TRAPPIST-1, located in the center of this solar system, looked like Earth when it was discovered in 2017. Astronomers have since learned more about the Solar System. Scientists estimate that there are many such planets in it where life can exist.

Holy Gril Summary in Hinglish

Hello friends kya aap sab jante Hain ki hmare solar system ke bahar Kai sare solar system hai. Aur hamare scientist ko bhi is baat ka pura Vishwas hai ki kisi Na kisi solar system mein Prithvi jaisa vatavaran jarur hoga. 2017 mein Hui Khoj ke anusar holy grail Namak solar system ka pata chala hai Jo ki Prithvi se Kareeb 40 light years dur hai. Vaigyanikon ne use samay is solar system mein ek aise planet ka pata lagaya tha Jo ki solar system ke Kendra mein tha aur vah kuchh kuchh hamari Prithvi jaisa dikh raha tha.

NASA ke vaigyanikon ne is planet per jivan sambhav hone ki aashanka jaati thi. Vaigyanikon ki Mane tu ja solar system Prithvi wale solar system se Kareeb 10 Guna jyada teji se bada hua hai. Yahan ke grah par Jo chattan maujud hai unke parikshan se abhi Keval itna hai pata lag Raha hai Lekin bhautik roop se a a scientist abhi use planet ka sample nahin le sakte jisse bhi aur bhi jyada pata kar sake.

Harmony Naam kyon pada grail solar system ke planets ka

Scientist ki Mane to is solar system mein sath planet sanjo kuch is tarah se arrange hai ki hue sabhi sangeet ke sath suro Jaise pratit hote Hain, isliye vaigyanikon ne is sabhi planets ko harmony Naam Diya.

Nahin dusri taraf hamare scientist ko aur bhi kamyabi hath lag rahi hai NASA dwara bheje Gaye robur ab March se March ka map banakar bhej rahe Hain jis ki madad se yahan pata lagaya ja raha hai ki pahle March per samundar aur nadiyan hua karti thi. Kha jata hai jo chij thi mein fir se ho sakti hain aur ISI Aadhar per vahan jivan fir se sambhav ho sakta hai.

This information has been given in the report of the Independent. New research shows that the seven planets are quite different from Earth but ‘perfectly together’ in their orbits. These planets are arranged like the notes of music, hence scientists use the word ‘Harmony’ for them. New research helps scientists better understand the history of those planets.

It explains how these planets formed, which may reveal whether the planets contained the water and other materials needed to start life. Estimates so far say that these planets must have formed 10 times faster than Earth. Experts rely on complex procedures for research because they cannot physically observe planetary rocks that are 40 light-years away. Astrophysicist Sean Raymond of the University of Bordeaux said in a statement that after the formation of rocky planets, things collide with them, this is called bombardment or late accretion.

Water and life may exist on planets

We pay attention to this because these impacts can be a significant source of water and life-sustaining volatile elements, he said. At present, the US space agency NASA is looking for evidence of life on Mars. NASA’s rovers are investigating Mars and continuously sending pictures. It is believed that many years ago there were oceans and rivers on Mars.

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