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How Instagram uses AI and Big Data Technology?

Earlier known as Burbn, the most ordinary mobile application that has now become the most famous and most used application in the world, it is none other than Instagram. Starting in the year 2010, having more than a billion users, Instagram has been one of the most famous and acclaimed mobile applications worldwide. The app has reached new heights since its inception by constantly improving and upgrading its features. In 2020, Instagram was one of the most downloaded apps in the 5th place. Instagram launched an alternative to the video-sharing app TikTok called the Instagram reels as a new feature, which gained a lot of attention ever since the ban of TikTok in India.

The app has created hype in the youth and Gen Z and has been used as a tool to for those who like to express themselves or their thoughts through visual aid. Hundreds to millions of posts get uploaded on the app daily, engaging users regularly by using comments, hashtags etc. where big data analytics is being used. Instagram launched a new feature that includes AI-generated captions for IGTV, which made it easier for its users. This feature helps people with hearing disabilities to access and understand the app effortlessly. Instagram controls a large volume of data, so they have used AI to help manage this data and gain insights.

How Instagram uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

1. Explore and Search

Instagram uses a machine learning technique to decipher in what order words appear so that when users search through Instagram using tags or trending information, Instagram generates similar or related content and provides recommendations, accounts, or posts. To make recommendations, the app observes other accounts that users may have interacted with and selects similar content. After selecting similar content, it is filtered to eliminate any spam or misleading information. It then suggests the top 25 posts which appear on the first explore page, which the user may want to interact with.

2. Instagram bots

The Instagram bots enable automated interactions on the user’s account. These bots do everything from liking a post to comment. They use machine learning algorithms to automate users’ activity efficiently.

3. Target advertising

Instagram enables big companies to market and advertises by giving its platform. It uses big data analytics to gain insights and analyze a customer. According to user engagement and search preferences, Instagram enables companies to advertise and market to target audiences.

4. Personalized feeds

Personalized feeds were an added feature of Instagram introduced in 2016. The app uses machine learning algorithms to find out the most relevant content for the user based on their interactions and searches, by which it generates a personalized feed for the user.

5. Dealing with spam

Since the app deals with a mass amount of data and content, some of it is bound to be spam. Instagram is using artificial intelligence’s text analytics to filter its spam. This algorithm can detect and filter spam messages in more than 9 languages and are automatically removed.

6. Dealing with cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has prevailed ever since the trending social media, particularly among teenagers. Instagram is one of the biggest social media applications, and cyberbullying has made no exception. Instagram now uses Artificial Intelligence to track certain words and phrases that have been reported offensive and alerts users whenever there is use of those words in a post.

7. Gathering insights

Since Instagram works with the help of Artificial Intelligence, new programs have been developed to help enhance the user’s experience through the app. From face recognition filters to object recognition, new developments have made using the app more immersive and advanced by gathering user information.

8. Communication Crisis

Instagram uses big data analytics during a communication Crisis to enable the smooth functioning of the app. For example, during covid, the users shared a lot of sentiments through the posts, and the app acted as a way of keeping hope alive and entertaining during quarantine. Posts from all over the world help users keep track of what’s going on in the world and get all the updates during any crisis and keep in touch with the public.

Overall, some of the updates and features of Instagram is making it even more popular around the globe. As Instagram uses big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to use and manage data, the app has reached new heights. It is one of the biggest social media platforms that has gained immense popularity and attention over the years. The app has indeed shown the most efficient use of the new age technologies and how beneficial it can be.




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