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How To Dress For Job Interview In India

Dress for Job Interview, There is popular saying that “Never judge a book by its cover”, which, maybe true but is not applicable when it comes to dressing for a job interview.

A job interview is all about making your first impression on the interviewer’s mind and your appearance plays a vital role in this. There are some colours and prints and codes exclusively put forward to dress for a job interview.

So set aside your plans of experimenting during a serious job interview and follow the following rules and you will see yourself acing every challenge.

Dress For Job Interview For Male

Dressing for a job interview is not easy. But you must remember your sincere dressing shows off how much you want the job.

  • Nothing beats the suits. A well-tailored suit will go a long way in making a lasting impression.
  • The suit must be dark in colour such as black, dark brown or grey.
  • Pair up the suit with a light coloured office shirt which can be white or beige in colour.
  • Full length dark coloured trouser is a must.
  • Avoid hot pastel colours for the shirts.
  • A tie is a must but it should not be too flashy.
  • You must use a decent cologne to make a good impression.
  • To dress for a job interview, last but not the least is investing in a good pair of shoes. Avoid high heeled or noisy ones.

Bonus Tips To Dress For Job Interview

  1. Flatten or dapper your hair.
  2. Hide your piercings or body art.
  3. Tuck in your shirt
  4. Keep your nails clean

Dress For Job Interview For Female

In India, women have two options to choose from before dressing for an interview: Indian style and Western outfit. But there’s also some regulations apply.

  • If you are going Indian then a plain light coloured cotton saree is a good choice.
  • If you are wearing a salwar kameez then stick to minimal prints and choose pastel colours
  • Pair the salwar kameez with a dupatta
  • If you are wearing western then put on a dark coloured blazer.
  • Go for flat pumps as these will be comfortable.

Bonus Tips

  1. Wear minimal makeup as it won’t put up a good impression.
  2. Avoid sequins or other blingy dress
  3. Sleeveless is a complete no-no.


One interview can make or break your professional career. So if you want to secure it then do accumulate your knowledge and break a leg with your additional effort to achieve a sincere appearance. When you look good you feel confident and then it radiates and catches the interviewer’s eye. So follow the dress code, know your basics and grab your dream job!


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