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How to start preparation for BPSC part-2


Hello friends welcome back in previous article I informed you how to start BPSC preparation from zero level. So in this article I will give you full information about BPSC there exam, syllabus and interview in BPSC.

In how many phases BPSC exams were taken 

So first of all I would like to inform you that exams where taken in three phases

1. Prelims

2. Mains

3. Interview

Sansar taken in these three phases first one is prelims which is also known as PT. It contains 150 marks objective type questions.

BPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Like the other State Service Commission and UPSC, BPSC also conduct the Combined Competitive BPSC Exam in three stages. Candidates can check the stages below.

  • Prelims: One objective type paper for 150 marks.
  • Mains: Four Papers for 900 marks.
  • Interview: 120 marks
  • In prelims which is also known as PT.

First phase you have complete PT which contains 150 marks. After passing cut off marks you will be able to sit in BPSC mains. 150 marks objective type questions were asked from general knowledge, current affairs etc.

Contains 900 marks plus 100 marks of Hindi in which you just have to bring  passing marks which will not included in your result. Now we will talk about three important papers of mains exam.

  • GS paper-1 (300)marks
  • GS paper-2(300)marks
  • Optional paper(300)marks

Two GS papers which include economy of India , current affairs, constitutional acts and articles, rights , duties, modern history and ancient history in context with bihar, revenue system of India and bihar.


Optional paper is your own paper you can take this paper based on your interest either you have completed graduation in it or any other reason which refer you to read this paper, it is totally depends on your will.

Third one is interview it contains 120 marks which is included in your 900 marks exam and then your result were prepared.

In interview the interviewers will first notice your personality, attitude, compassion, your common sense even, you mentality releted to religion or any kind of faith, dissemination etc..

So that’s all I have researched if you are eager to be a BPSC officer then follow this trick I have discussed above and let’s crack it, thanku.

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