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How to start preparation for BPSC


Let’s Make some strategies to start preparation for BPSC

BPSC means Bihar public service commission, it well known to BPSC aspirants. Now this is the time for beginners to start studies for BPSC . If you are a bihari then might be possible you wanted to crack UPSC or BPSC. So here in this article I will help you to understand what is BPSC exam is and how to start from zero, I think it is good time to share my experience with you through this article. Without wasting your time let’s go though the search I have done for collecting all the information regarding BPSC.

How to start from zero level

See if you are in initial phase like you are doing graduation either in second year or first year you can start your BPSC preparation from now. Don’t worry I know it is graduation level exam but you can start your studies from today. One thing you will be needed that is passion , never loose your passion and give you time to your carrier dreams.

I know you wanted to know which books should be read in initial phase when you are not eligible for sitting in BPSC exams but you wanted to start your preparation from now because your passion is to be an BPSC officer, so don’t worry I am here to guide you every thing about BPSC.

So finally what ever you have to do first is Take NCERT books of:-

  1. Geography
  2. Polity
  3. Science
  4. History

All these four subject’s book you have to read from class 6 to 10. You have to read all these four subject’s carefully.

More information about BPSC

I will discuss with you what are the syllabus and in how many phases exam have been taken, and how many marks does each subject contains and interview contains.

Stay tuned with all needed information will be given to you regarding BPSC preparation in my next article, all the best.

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