International Dance Day

International Dance Day 2021

International Dance Day is a global celebration of dance where people from all walks of life come together to share their love and appreciation for the art. Created by the main partner for the performing arts of UNESCO – the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), this day is celebrated annually on April 29. It is also a tribute to the creator of modern ballet, Jean-Georges Noverre, whose birth anniversary falls on the same day.

The day aims to promote the importance of dance across all political, cultural, and ethnic barriers to bring people together through events and festivals that are held all over the world. Participation and education of dance are the key highlights of these events. It is a celebration day for those who can see the value and importance of the art form of dance. Moreover, it also acts as a wake-up-call for governments, politicians and institutions which have not yet recognised its value to all the people who have not yet realised its potential for economic growth.

International Dance Day History

Despite having an extraordinarily rich and long history, a proper commemoration to the art form of dance was finally introduced in 1982. It is observed each year where the Dance Committee and the International Theatre Institute invite an outstanding dance personality to relay a personal message for International Dance Day.

ITI also creates a flagship event in a selected host city, where a lot of important figures in the global dance communities are invited to partake, including the International Dance Day Message Authors of previous years. They each share their thoughts on important discussions for the future and advancement of the dance community.

International Dance Day Celebration

The event also includes dance performances, educational workshops, and humanitarian projects and speeches by various local and international dance personalities, dignitaries, and ambassadors. The main celebration generally includes a video montage of dance performances from ITI Centres and other members.

Due to the pandemic since last year, public celebration of this event has been greatly hindered. But the spirit of dancing is ever-present in those who are passionate about the art form and the lockdown does little to affect that. In order to express this passion, ITI Centres and Cooperating Members, prominent figures of the global dance communities and dance companies came together for an online celebration. They contributed more than three-hour’s beautiful dance performances videos from different continents of the world. It was a beautiful show of the cultural diversity and the resilience of human beings when faced with difficulties.

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