International women’s days 8th March

The Redical Reason why march 8 is international women's day

The people across the globe is celebrating international women’s day on 8th March every year. 

International women’s day sunane mein To bahut achcha lagta hai parantu is per jab ekant mein vichar kiya jaaye to man mein ek sawal janm leta hai ki aakhir aisi kya dikkat thi Jo antarrashtriy star per mahila ko Samman dene ke liye ek din ki ghoshna karni padi.

Itihas gawah hai ki mahilaon ke sath hamesha dur vyavhar aur working places per bhedbhav Kiya gaya hai. Equal pay for equal work nahin diya jata tha. Itna hi nahin mahilaon ke liye kisi bhi jagah kam karna surakshit nahin tha. Unhen sexual harassment ka khatra hamesha banaa rahata tha.

Aapko Bata de ki aise hi kisi mahan aadami ne uthkar international women’s day declared nahin kar diya iske liye mahilaon ko badi mehnat se Kai Kai dinon Tak protest karna pada tha. Apni pareshani se tang Aakar mahilaon ko aakrosh mein yaden banana shuru karna pada tha.

As people around the world celebrate International Women’s Day — an annual March 8 observance — countries from Kyrgyzstan to Cambodia will officially honor women’s rights and achievements across the political, economic, social and cultural spheres. The day has been designated as an official United Nations observance since 1975, which was International Women’s Year, and is a national holiday in many parts of the world.

International women's day

Antrashtriy mahila Divas banane ki shuruaat 1908 mein newyork mein hui thi. Use samay vahan maujud mahilaon ne badi sankhya mein ektrit hokar apni job mein samay ko kam karne ki mang ko lekar March nikala tha. ISI ke sath on mahilaon ne apne vetan badhane aur vote dalne ke Adhikar ki bhi mang ki thi. Iske 1 varsh pashchat America mein is din Ko rashtriya mahila Divas ghoshit Kiya Gaya.

But the day’s origins go much further back than 1975 — and are more radical than what we might expect from a day so widely celebrated.

Centering around the socialist movements of the early 20th century, here’s more on the history of how International Women’s Day (IWD) came to be:

How did International Women’s Day start?

The impetus for establishing an International Women’s Day can be traced back to New York City in February 1908, when thousands of women who were garment workers went on strike and marched through the city to protest against their working conditions. “Like today, these women were in less organized workplaces [than their male counterparts], were in the lower echelons of the garment industry, and were working at low wages and experiencing sexual harassment,” says Eileen Boris, Professor of Feminist Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara.

In honor of the anniversary of those strikes, which were ongoing for more than a year, a National Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in the U.S. on Feb. 28, 1909, spearheaded by the Socialist Party of America.

Led by German campaigner and socialist Clara Zetkin, the idea to turn the day into an international movement advocating universal suffrage was established at the International Conference of Working Women in 1910. Zetkin was renowned as a passionate orator and advocate for working women’s rights, and her efforts were crucial to the day’s recognition throughout much of Europe in the early 1910s.

The most consequential International Women’s Day protest

Although International Women’s Day had started with action from the women’s labor movement in the U.S., it took on a truly revolutionary form in Russia in 1917.

Just as Zetkin’s idea was spreading through Europe, Russia (where International Women’s Day was established in 1913) was facing unrest for other reasons too. It was against the backdrop of a country exhausted by war, widespread food shortages and escalating popular protest that the nation’s 1917 International Women’s Day demonstration was held on Feb. 23 of that year — the equivalent of March 8 in the Russian calendar, indicating the significance of the date of the commemorations today.

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