Jaipur city

Jaipur city

Jaipur city

Indian architecture, a heritage which we are preserving from years to make sure that it comes in our golden glory. A glory which is old yet so stylish for our new era people. A development or a formation of the building which was so well built that it became the heritage after ages. These are not just called heritage today, these are known as the tourist places in layman perspective. Tourist place or our well-known heritage places are made by using some simple technologies which are available in our Hindu methodology in terms of Vasthu Sastra. A kind of study or culture which we still follow to solve our day to day problems according to our culture and which makes our life better and such a heritage is Jaipur. A city which is well built and also well known in the whole world for its best Architecture. This city is made by using Hindu methodology “Shilpa Shastra” which is a form of Vastu Sastra itself. Jaipur is made in such a place where we can find out a lot of problems in terms of survival as it is all surrounding by hills and thereafter this is in the region of Rajasthan which is well known for its best heat-generating nature. In Jaipur we can see a lot of temper hike because of direct contact with sun as this city is made in between of hills. But after all those situations this city was fully planned by the very popular engineer of that time ” Vidyadhar Bhattacharya”. After using Hindu formula of making building’s he came up with this beautiful city which is also known as Pink city in the whole world.

Jaipur in terms of tourism is also known as the heart for tourism spots as here we see a lot of tourist places such as Jal Mahal, Amer killa, Hawa mahal and so on. All these places have their own glory which describes there great architectural artwork such as Jal mahal is made in a form where no one can come easily as it is all surrounded by water all around it. Not just places such as mahals or killa but roads are very well planned there in this city. All road goes from south to north which in architectural forms is good for traffic control and we analysed that in ancient time. With the pink colour spread all over the city ” Maharaja Jai Singh 2″ planned to control the heat perspective of the city when ” Prince of wales ” visited Jaipur in 1876. The reason behind painting the whole city pink was not to make it look more beautiful but the main reason behind that was pink colour reflects the charm and make anything look playful with its heat controlling nature.

Jaipur is the only city in the world which has nine sectors that sub-divide the city and that symbolise the nine- division of the universe too. Here in Jaipur avenues, roads, street, lanes and made with great knowledge of Sastra which makes sure of their uniform rows from plants to shops on each side on the road so that this can maintain peace in the city with trade and can improve the condition of the city in terms of nature. Indians are well known for preserving their things in terms of culture, and Jaipur is a city which proves it right because here one can enjoy culture, historic places and great food which was also maintained by our famous chefs of that time to fulfil all the needs of the body to survive in such city and to make it tastier they included a lot of Indian flavour in it which make it so popular in the whole world.

This city got its name after its ruler ” Maharaja Jai Singh 2″ who made this city years ago to make Rajput look pride and to create a historic look of the city. Here very famous Hawa mahal was planned to make sure to provide a look of local streets and daily lives to royal ladies who can see outside life with maintaining royalty. This mahal was prepared in a manner which converts hot winds in cold winds and provides great relief in summers. Apart of that Jantar mantra is also one of the world heritage sites as it is known as the collection of architectural astronomical instruments which was built by Sawai Jai Singh who was a Rajput king and he was so interested in learning about sky. Sawai Jai Singh stadium to it long and big walls which are created by using 7 gates technics are also very famous in the city as they are made for different reasons. Seven gates to protect the city from invaders and from wild animals, and Stadium is famous for its great area of seating of 30, 000 people at one time and that is the reason behind why so many national and international cricket matches get played here.


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