Joanne Linville Biography

Joanne Linville died at the age of 93 on 20th June 2021

Wonderful Actress Joanne Linville Biography

Born:- 15 January 1928, California United States

Death:- 20 June 2021, California United States

Age:- 93

Spouse:- Mark Rydell (1962-1973)

Children:- Amy Rydell, Christopher Rydell

Joanne Linville a wonderful Actress of American film industry. She made her mark on television from the 1950s-’80s, appearing in such respected anthology series as Studio One (1948), Kraft Television Theatre (1947) and Alfred Hitchcock présente (1955), among others. While her film work consists of mainly  smaller character roles and she never had regular parts on television, she guest-starred on numerous shows over her career, often in westerns but, especially in the ’70s, in a variety of drama and detective series. Star Trek (1966) fans will remember her in “The Enterprise Incident”, in which she played a Romulan captain–the first female Romulan ever portrayed in the series–who goes up against Capt. Kirk and is romanced by Mr. Spock.

The ex-wife of director Mark Rydell, she has two children by that marriage who are also actors, Amy Rydell and Christopher Rydell. She was a master teacher at Stella Adler’s Academy and later started her own acting school.

About Joanne Linville

American actress who has been a frequent guest star on several television series such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and Charlie’s Angels.

Joanne Linville before fame

She started her professional career in 1950.

Achievement of Joanne Linville

She was a co-founder of the Stella Adler Academy in 1985.

Joanne Linville family life

She was married to Mark Rydell from 1962 until 1973 and they had two children together.

Associations of Joanne Linville

She had a role in the Barbra Streisand starring film A Star is Born.

Top Facts You Did Not Know About Joanne Linville
  • The actresses are from Bakersfield, California
  • California actresses
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