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Latest Softwares for Social Network Analysis

The technique of examining the social connections among individuals, computers, organisations, and other relevant components is known as social network analysis. Human interactions can be graphically, visually, and mathematically represented using a variety of models and methods.

Social network analysis in data mining takes a closer look at data analysis in relation to group communications in order to comprehend online interactions. Social networks analysis, sometimes referred to as network science, is a subfield of data analytics that examines networks and online communication to comprehend social structures.

Networks, which are made up of nodes, are characterised by the ties that connect various nodes (entities, such as people, computers, etc.) and specify how social groups function. Social network analysis emerged in response to sociologists’ growing need to understand social structures and how individuals interact within networks.

The data visualisation technique in SNA is used to understand the graphical link between the various nodes or entities in a network, whereas mathematical analysis is used to understand social relationships in a quantitative manner.

In this case, directional or non-directional relationships are used to understand the flow of interaction between two nodes.

One notable aspect of this type of research is its potential application as a learning analytics tool for online problem-based learning through network analysis of individual and group behaviour. Having stated that, there are numerous uses for social network analysis across numerous industries.

Software Network Analysis Applications

Data Science

Data science is the primary application of SNA. SNA facilitates understanding the interaction between two nodes in a network so that one may comprehend the data flow from one node to another in a network context.

Additionally, the idea aids in the researchers’ comprehension of how data affects a group’s masses and what motivates them to seek out a specific data set.

Having said that, social network analysis is helpful outside of sociology even if it was developed largely for it. SNA, a branch of data analytics in and of itself, is unquestionably one of the most significant contributors to the analysis of data want.


Marketing is another area where SNA is applied extensively. Marketing experts of a firm frequently employ SNA to develop marketing campaigns that are focused on promoting a product or brand.

They concentrate on the most popular items and tend to focus their marketing efforts solely on these brand identities as SNA enables them to comprehend the nature of social relationships.

Furthermore, the idea is advantageous to digital marketing as well. Marketing experts seek influencers, or celebrities and role models, to sell their products since SNA helps them identify the initiators and receivers (directional relationship) in a social structure, which in turn helps them influence the masses.

Fiscal Frauds

Since SNA is a subfield of data analytics, it focuses exclusively on publicly available data. That being said, SNA software attentively observes how participants in such a network behave in order to detect abnormalities or aberrant merchant-buyer behaviours, which in turn identifies fraud and risk management.

Even while some may believe that monitoring various network nodes is a heterogeneous process that cannot discover frauds, it can undoubtedly reveal anomalous activity occurring within a network, which can help uncover fiscal crimes.

Top 10 SNA Applications/Software


Java is an open-source library or network analysis software that renders the programming language for data manipulation, network analysis, and data visualisation in the form of a network or graph. It is also known as the Java Universal Network/Graph Framework.

JUNG, a Java-written software network analysis tool, is ranked among the top 10 tools to use in 2021. Graph theory, statistical analysis, data mining, SNA, and optimisation are among the software’s present features.


An in-demand social network analysis programme that is included with the NetDraw programme for creating social network diagrams. With its integrated SNA tools, Ucinet is a feature-rich suite capable of quantitatively analysing social networks and delving deeply into the data structure.

Ucinet can efficiently handle up to 32,767 nodes at optimal speed, while most SNA applications can only handle 5,000–10,000 nodes.


Tulip is an information visualisation framework that pulls data from social networks arranged as links between different nodes or entities. It is a software that is brimming with tools and strategies for data visualisation.

This C++ interface can perform data modelling, social network analysis, and visual encodings.


NodeXL is another hassle-free social network analysis software that was released in 2013. It includes a range of network analysis features, including advanced network analysis, visual representation of networks, and general graph data.

This programme, like Microsoft Excel, makes use of a well-known template to give users an engaging yet effective experience.

In the modern world, this programme has several uses, including computer analysis, information visualisation, and sociology.


Netlytic is a software network analysis programme that is defined as a social media text and social media analyzer. Netlytic is a cloud-based tool that can analyse communication networks and summarise textual data.

Its API, which is used by sociologists, researchers, and students, allows it to filter data from social media sites so that analysts may better comprehend the meaning of text datasets.

Netlytic is a publicly available, free data analysis tool that provides both data visualisation and data analysis.


One requires software that supports the cause in order to delve deeply into network graphs. That is precisely what the SNA software Gephi accomplishes. This software does biological network analysis, link analysis, and exploratory data analysis in addition to social network analysis.

For anyone wishing to undertake social network analysis, this application is a must-have because of its interactive and hassle-free capabilities, such as real-time visualisation and mapping.


Socnetv, often called Social Network Visualizer, has sophisticated capabilities for social network analysis. This programme intends to build relevant visualisations with an integrated web crawler for social network creation and thorough documentation.

In order to identify connection in a social network, one can extract intuitive information from directed and undirected graphs using data visualisation and network analysis.


An application for visualising graphs that is open-source. Graphviz is an additional top-tier SNA programme. Applications such as biometrics, sociology, machine learning, and web design can all benefit from the use of Graphviz, a programme that allows users to extract a visual representation of abstract graphs and network topologies.

Graphviz allows the approach of Exploratory Network Analysis (ENA) to give birth to data visualisation and manipulation, even though modern times have access to enormous amounts of data.


Netminer is a Python script that performs social network analysis and includes a number of improved user interfaces and interactive features, such as data mining, visual data exploration, and 3D network mapping.

Overall, it supports the highest calibre instruments outfitted with the newest machine learning models and algorithms.

Nevertheless, it is without a doubt one of the best SNA programmes and is useful for both novice and seasoned users.


NetworkX is a popular social network analysis (SNA) module for Python that is dependable and ideal for data mining and related operations.

NetworkX is a feature-rich software that offers data creation, manipulation, and structural analysis. Its multi-platform interface is user-friendly and accessible to both novices and seasoned pros.

Social network analysis (SNA) is a concept that studies social relationships among nodes, which are different entities such as people, computers, etc. Despite taking networks into account, the notion can analyse both individual and group behaviour.

Numerous SNA software programmes have simplified the task. As a result, in the upcoming years, social network analysis will have a wider focus. NetworkX, Graphviz, and Netminer are a few of these programmes.

These apps, which have prominent features like mathematical and visual analysis, provide a thorough understanding of how various nodes in a network communicate data and coexist in the information world.

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