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Mysterious Downfall in Earth’s rotational speed

Rahasymai tarike se dhimi huwi dharti ki raftar

Is this end of life on earth?

Mysteriously dheemi padi dharti ki gati kisi badi anhoni ki aur ishara kar rhi hai. Kya ab manav jati ka ant hai najdeek. Scientists ki mane to pichle saal 2020 me achanak hi dharti ki raftar badh gayi thi. Jaha ek taraf corona ki chapet me aakt puri dhuniya tham gayi thi, sare kaam kaaj ruk gaye the itna hi nhi logo ki jindagi bhi puri tarah se tham gayi thi, thik usi wakt dharti ne apni speed bdha kr saal ko jaldi gujarne par majboor kar diya tha.

Btaya ja rha hai ki pichle saal ke alwa is saal ke suruwati 6 mahine tak dharti ki raftar badhi huwi rahi, lekin ab ye situation thik ulat ho gayi hai, ab dharti ki raftar badhne ki bjaye ghat gayi hai aur iski wajah se lagatar musibate badhne ki asanka hai. Dekha jaye to dharti ka samay dheema pad gaya hai. Ab parmanu ghadi ki madad se ek ek pal ka hisab rakha ja rha hai, scientist to bhut dimag khapana pad rha gai dharti aur uspar ud rahe satelite ki timing ko sahi rakhne me.

Some space scientists claim that Earth’s rotation is becoming slower. If you have already watched “The Core” and other sci-fi movies, then you already know that those titles showed that the planet would suffer from various natural disasters if it slows or stops rotating.

A planet’s rotation is an important activity since it allows the heavenly body to maintain its current state. However, there are some chances that a planet’s rotation would stop, especially if some heavy activities are in the core.

Once this happens, NASA explained that some lands and bodies of water would change across the globe, which could really affect humanity in the long run.

“Anything that moves mass closer to the Earth’s axis speeds its rotation up, and moving mass away from the axis slows it down,” said Richard Gross, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory expert.

Thanks to these efficient clocks, various experts can measure the accurate time of Earth through the movement of atoms’ electrons. In 2020, some researchers discovered that the planet’s rotation became faster, forcing them to adjust the Earth’s usual second.

However, a new database showed that the Earth has slowed down between July 1 until Sept. 30 by up to 0.5 milliseconds. Now, they said that it is constantly slowing down in the first half of 2021.


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