On WhatsApp – Means of different color hearts

Means of different color hearts

Different colors of heart on Whats App which we share to each other. Do you know what is the means of these different color heart… Don’t be foolish now. Let’s know about the heart before sharing these emoji…

Different colors of heart

  • Red heart
  • Beating heart
  • Ribbon heart
  • Blue heart
  • Orange heart
  • Green heart
  • Black heart
  • Black heart on keyboard

Meaning Of Different colors of heart

Red heart…

It stands for love, when we show affection to any other then send red color emoji….

Beating heart…

This heart is used for also love. When we love anyone and want express to him or her, then used beating heart emoji…..

Ribbon heart…

Ribbon heart is used for saying thank you. If you want to Express hearty thanks to any other ,then use this type emoji….

Blue heart…

It is used for believe Ness.. if you trust any other and want express this him or her,then send blue heart emoji …..

Orange heart…

Orange heart is used for friendship. If you want friendship with any other and want to know him/her that you are interested in their friendship, then send them ?.. ..

Green heart….

This color of heart used for health purpose. If you send messages related to health, then send green heart emoji for their good health…..

Black heart….

This color of heart used for hating purpose.. If you want not agree with any other to their ideas or any reason,then you send them black color ….

Black color emoji on keyboard….

This type of emoji used for always by users.. it stands for sadness..

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