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Arms Factories Day 2021

Weapons Factories Day 2021 Celebration: The Ordnance Factories’ Day is seen on the eighteenth of March each year. The creation of India’s most seasoned Ordnance Factory, which is at Cossipore of Kolkata, was begun on the eighteenth of March, 1802. The day is commended by showing the rifles, weapons, gunnery, ammunition..etc in displays all over India. Generally, the shows are available to all. The festival begins with a procession and the show will likewise show the photos of different mountaineering endeavors.

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Ordnance factories

About Ordnance Factories Day

About Ordnance Factories Day: Every year eighteenth March is praised as The Ordnance Factories Day to stamp the event of the main creation. The Day is viewed as an occasion to affirm the devotion of the Ordnance Board to the country, by methods for guaranteeing great items for the military of India. This day is seen by displaying the significant weapons fabricated in the production lines.

Arms Factories Day: History

History of Ordnance Factories Day: The foundation of India’s Defense creation, Indian Ordnance Factories started today, on eighteenth March 1802. They are known as the power behind the military.

Arms Factories Day: Significance

Meaning of Ordnance Factories Day: The IOFs assume an indispensable part in the creation, testing, coordination, examination, improvement, and showcasing of an extensive item range nearby land, ocean, and air frameworks. They structure a coordinated base for the native creation of guard equipment and gear.

It is the need of each nation to have appropriate arms and ammo for the security of the residents. The day is noticed for guaranteeing the creation of top-notch items and the unrivaled nature of the working existence of representatives. The staff and workers are granted Ayudh Shri/Devi, Ayudh Bhushan, Ayudh Ratna, etc.

Weapons Factories Day: Observance

Weapons Factories Day Observance: Several exercises are coordinated on the day, introduced by the representatives of the industrial facility. The day begins with the presentation of weapons, ammo, rifles, mounted guns, and so on in displays all over India. The show is available to all. While the arms and ammo are shown march goes on other than it.

Arms Factories Day: Logo/symbols we realize the day is seen on March 18 all over India. The festival begins with the Flag lifting and singing National Anthem. Conversations, workshops, and talks will be directed with the worry of the advancement of new guard innovation

Weapons Factories Day: Quotes/Sayings

Weapons Factories Day Quotes/Sayings: Here is a rundown of the best Quotes/Sayings of Ordnance Factories Day –

The blend of current weapons and obsolete strategies had, of course, made gigantic setbacks on the two sides. – Iain Banks

My dad worked at the Naval Ordnance Lab, and they had a nine-opening seminar on the property. You paid a quarter. – Lewis Black

I’m an F-18, brother, and I will annihilate you noticeable all around and send my weapons to the ground. – Charlie SheenMy father worked at the Naval Ordnance Lab, and they had a nine-opening seminar on the property. You paid a quarter. – Lewis Black

Arms Factories Dy: Images HD Pictures Poster

Arms Factories Dy: Images HD Pictures Poster: Here ia s a rundown the f the best Poster of Ordnance Factories Day –

Arms Factories Dy: Slogan

Arms Factories Day Slogan: Here is s a rundown of the f the best Slogan of Ordnance Factories Day –

Speed up Your Life.

Reach skyward… Fly, Fight, Win.

Continuously Faithful.

Continuously Prepared.

Continuously Ready, Always There.

America’s Navy – A worldwide power for great.

Any Time, Any place multitude of One.

Armed force Strong.

Wads of the Corps. Be All You Can Be.

Preferable to bite the dust over to be a quitter.

Obligation, Honor, Country.


Fire From The Clouds.

Capability For Land Power.

First There.

Opportunity at Work.

Get Some.

He who has planted will save.

Damnation in a Helmet.

Honor, Courage, Commitment.

In Peace and War.

It’s Not Just a Job, It’s An Adventure.

Allow the Journey To start.


Ordnance factories

Look Ahead.

Try for some degree of reconciliation or Die.

No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy.

No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great, Duty FirstNot Self, however Country.

Harmony Through Strength.

Officers Lead the Way.

Prepared for All, Yielding to None.

Prepared to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit.

Will not Perish.

Soul of Freedom.

Strength from the Sea.

Strike for Freedom.

Quick, Silent, Deadly.

Collaboration, a Tradition.

What Others May Live.

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.

This We’ll Defend.

The present Army Wants to Join You.

We Build, We Fight.

We Dive the World Over.

We Quell the Storm and Ride the Thunder.

Whatever It Take s. You Are Tomorrow; You Are The Navy.

You Can.

Ordnance factories List in India

Factory Location State
Ammunition Factory Khadki (AFK) Pune Maharashtra
Cordite Factory (CFA) Aruvankadu Tamil Nadu
Engine Factory Avadi (EFA) Chennai Tamil Nadu
Field Gun Factory, Kanpur (FGK) Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur (GCF) Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
Grey Iron Foundry (GIF) Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
Gun and Shell Factory (GSF) Kolkata West Bengal
Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project (HAPP) Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu
High Explosives Factory (HEF) Pune Maharashtra
Heavy Vehicles Factory, Chennai (HVF) Chennai Tamil Nadu
Machine Tool Prototype Factory (MPF) Mumbai Maharashtra
Metal and Steel Factory (MSF) Kolkata West Bengal
Ordnance Clothing Factory Avadi (OCFAV) Chennai Tamil Nadu
Ordnance Cable Factory Chandigarh (OCFC) Chandigarh Chandigarh
Ordnance Clothing Factory (OCFS) Shahjahanpur Uttar Pradesh
Ordnance Equipment Factory Kanpur (OEFC) Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur (OEFHZ) Hazratpur Uttar Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Ambarnath (OFA) Ambarnath Maharashtra
Ordnance Factory Ambajhari (OFAJ) Nagpur Maharashtra
Ordnance Factory Bhandara (OFBA) Bhandara Maharashtra
Ordnance Factory Bhusawal (OFBH) Bhusawal Maharashtra
Ordnance Factory Bolangir (OFBOL) Bolangir Odisha
Ordnance Factory Kanpur (OFC) Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Chandrapur (OFCH) Chandrapur Maharashtra
Ordnance Factory Dumdum (OFDC) Kolkata West Bengal
Ordnance Factory Dehu Road (OFDR) Pune Maharashtra
Ordnance Factory Dehradun (OFDUN) Dehradun Uttarakhand
Ordnance Factory Itarsi (OFI) Itarsi Madhya Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Khamaria (OFK) Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Katni (OFKAT) Katni Madhya Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Muradnagar (OFM) Muradnagar Uttar Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Project (OFN) Nalanda Bihar
Ordnance Factory Project Korwa (OFPKR) Korwa Uttar Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Project Medak (OFPM) Hyderabad Telangana
Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli (OFT) Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu
Ordnance Factory Varangaon (OFV) Varangaon Maharashtra
Opto Electronics Factory (OLF) Dehradun Uttarakhand
Ordnance Parachute Factory (OPF) Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
Rifle Factory Ishapore (RFI) Kolkata West Bengal
Small Arms Factory (SAF) Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ) Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
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