A holy month of Muslim community which shows unity and paitence at its best. This is a whole month in Muslim culture is known best for doing best thing and to rember god for everything he has provide. This month we see alot of gathering where people invite each other to cloebrate this Month and to share their piece of lunch. But this time when world is suffering from the panademic situation, and following social distancing in that case people are going creative and trying to find out new ways of developing relationships closer.

Where in the very first day we have seen a person in New Delhi who set up a tent at his house terrace to make sure his kids enjoy fasting and the breaking of the fast process together while maintaining the social distancing. Someone from the Muslim community also said in this pandemic situation they are trying “What we don’t want people to feel is a sense of despair,” but “We really want Ramadan to be uplifting for people.”

Ramadan is one of the holiest times of the year for Muslims, and the first day of fasting is today on Friday. But across the world, mosques are closed and community gatherings are prohibited. In that case, everyone is looking for creative ways to observe both their faith and the public health guidelines related to coronavirus. “The Ramadan spirit, the prayers, the fasting, all of that remains the same,” Elkelani said. She is a Bangor School Board member and the education coordinator at the Islamic Center of Maine in Orono. Further, she said, “We don’t want people to feel like just because we can’t go to the mosque, we can’t do the same things.” This year host large gatherings for iftar, the meal at which Muslims break their daily fast is not happening but community leaders across the state are organizing deliveries of food and meals for people who are isolated or in need. Video conferencing at the time of Iftar is also a creative option many suggested. So this Ramadan stays home to stay safe and enjoy the holiness is what everyone is saying.


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