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Return Of Covid -19 rapid testing kit : Rajasthan

Covid -19 rapid testing kit turn out invalid in Rajasthan: Government will not use it further

COVID-19 has arisen as a big problem in whole the world and to save oneself from it every country is taking a lot of security measures. Now Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has sent a lot of rapid testing kit to states so that e=they can take immediate action because general testing takes 2 days to inform about COVID positive or not. Now after receiving these kits, Rajasthan jas stopped using these kits as they are showing inaccurate results. Rajasthan government has also informed the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) about the invalidation of these kits issue. According to state health minister Raghu Sharma, these kits are not working properly and only able to give 5.4 per cent accurate results against the expectation of 90% of its accuracy and that’s why these kits are not beneficial for the state. These kites were examined at Sawai Man Singh government hospital by the government to examine the accuracy of these kits in which committee only found 5.4 per cent test result valid and accurate. “As per the advice of the committee, we have stopped testing from the rapid testing kits. We have written to the ICMR about it and their response is awaited,” the minister said. He also informed that the examination of these kits was done on 168 people who already tested positive in PCR based tests and the result came out negative in their case too and that’s is why he is raising question on the credibility of these kits. If the ICMR’s response comes in our favour, the kits could be returned,” he added. Rajasthan started conducting tests through rapid testing kits and in which test got conducted through blood samples. Rajasthan has already one hotspot area Jaipur where a lot of the number of cases got increased in past days and that’s why now the government is aiming to speed up the screening so that they can do detection of the suspected coronavirus patients. It was not a confirmatory test and PCR based test was required for the confirmation of a positive result.


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