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Rishikesh a Divine place


Rishikesh a Divine place of Indian culture that’s what it is called. Rishikesh is famous in all the age groups all over the world for different reasons where some people visit this place to get some divine knowledge some visit this place to hang around. This place is just 240 km from capital Delhi which make it a hangout space on weekends from native places. Rishikesh is known as Yognagari too because one can learn best yoga posters with all the divine knowledge from chanting to meditation. This is a heart of Uttrakhand which is also famous for its Garhwal gateway which is a famous spot of people when they visit this place.

Rishikesh a Divine place

Rishikesh is accessible very easily by train, bus and on the drive too. This yoga Nagari has a special impact of itself on every age group where people from old age go there for some divine chanting then youngster gores their to explore the culture and for rafting. This place is not famous among Indians only this is famous all over the world. People from different countries come there to stay for months so that they can get some divine knowledge and can learn yoga in between of great yogic atmosphere.

Activity to Do in Rishikesh

With activities for all kind of people, this is also known as the ancient city of Indian where Lord Shiva started living with his family. This city is also blessed with holy river Ganga which make it the most perfect place to visit on weekends. People come there for river rafting, to visit temples, pious ghats, ashrams and evergreen forests. This place offers great food of Uttrakhand which makes is most famous among youth with so many cafes around the city for people. This beautiful place has some favourite spots too which are Laxman Jhula, Ram Jhula, Ghat and it also offers bungee jumping, rafting, hot air balloon experience, track, mountain biking and paragliding too.
This city is in the heart of the state where people come for Camping so that they can enjoy the beauty of Rivers, hills and the modernity with ancient culture for which summers and spring are considered the best time. Apart that city offers Spiritual walk around the city which takes us to the ancient history with world-famous Ganga aarti at Triveni Ghat, to Shivpuri where you will be admiring place of Lord Shiva and then rishikhund. The Neer gaddu waterfall is also known as a favourite spot by people who visit here. Overall it is a good place to know about the ancient culture where you can live in modern culture too.


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