Sashi Review 2021: Latest movie, this story of love and friendship hardly makes an impact

Sashi: Aadi Saikumar is in urgent need of some trustworthy accomplishment in the cinema world and he is placing high faith on Sashi, which assembled great buzz with a super hit sound single and a noteworthy trailer. Allow us to check whether the film extinguishes Aadi’s quest for film industry achievement.

Story: Raju(Aadi) and Sashi(Siva) are dear companions directly from youth days and they concentrate in a similar school. By chance, Sashi(Surabhi) joins a similar school and Raju begins to look all starry eyed at her privilege from the outset. Indeed, even Sashi has feeling for Raju yet doesn’t communicate them. At some point, just Sashi plans to communicate her affection towards Raju, the last’s companion bites the dust in a mishap and he leaves surges the area right away. At the point when he returns, Sashi isn’t in school and he comes to realize that she is away. After two years, Sashi returns and Raju attempts to get back with her. However, Sashi doesn’t remember him and distances herself from him. For what reason didn’t Sashi perceive Raju? What the is story going before and succeeding it?

Shouldn’t something be said about on-screen exhibitions?

Aadi plays a character that has double shades. While one is that of an understudy, the other is a discouraged man who is attempting to get over the downfall of his dear companion and the embarrassment from the young lady he profoundly adored. He is a characteristic entertainer and finishes equity to the job. Surabhi plays female lead and she looks adorable. She does sensibly well in this difficult job. Ajay, Rajeev Kanakala, and Jayaram assume supporting parts and they are adept.

Shouldn’t something be said about off-screen gifts?

The primary resource of the film is its hit sound collection. Every one of the tunes are satisfying to the ears and they are picturized well. The foundation score is similarly acceptable as is the cinematography.

The chief Srinivas Naidu pens a story that has the same old thing to bring to the table. The male lead being ignored by his affection interest and him being discouraged is a story that we have found in various movies. The contention between the lead pair isn’t persuading enough. The screenplay isn’t upto the imprint and there are many free strings in the story. Numerous characters are finished suddenly. The discoursed are acceptable.


The impact and effect of Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s ‘Arjun Reddy’ famous romantic tale can be found in our mainstream society. The thinking about our stars and the producers have changed definitely of late. The facial hair obsession for the male lead is the aftereffect of this film. The kiss scenes have gotten typical in Telugu films after ‘Arjun Reddy’. The most recent delivery, ‘Sashi’, attempts to impersonate Arjun Reddy, in any event in the main portion of the film yet bombs wretchedly. Indeed, even in replicating, this ends up wearing out Xerox duplicate.

Disregard the similitudes, pardon all the development in the principal a large portion of that is an activity to uncover the primary story post span. Yet, with regards to the center plot in the subsequent half too, it looks even ridiculous. There is a contort in the second-half, prior to resulting in these present circumstances point, we will see school ragging scenes, Vennela Kishore – Viva Harsha’s lifeless satire, and sentiment succession like truth-or-dare games, and so forth Such faltering and unsurprising circumstances continue to come in and when the contort comes you get depleted.

Coming to exhibitions, both Aadi Saikumar and Surabhi have given a valiant effort. Different entertainers have done what is required. The film got pre-discharge buzz because of the tune ‘Oke Oka Lokam’ sung by Sid Siram, which has turned into a web sensation. The tune is lovely and is likewise all around shot. Among the specialists, Arun Chiluveru’s work sticks out.

Senior entertainer JP is assumed the part of Dora, and every one of them including his child call him Dora. By end of the film, you additionally utter, “maakendeki ee racha Dora. Makinta cognitive decline ivvu“.

Main concern: ‘Sashi’ film has a trite content and silly portrayal. Watching it till the end is the genuine trial of tolerance. The viral melody, ‘Okey Oka Lokam’, doesn’t save it from transforming into a drag.

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