Solar Eclipse 2019 December India

Solar Eclipse 2019

The last solar eclipse of 2019 is going to happen on 26th December. Let us tell you here that this is the third solar eclipse of the year, but it will be the first eclipse of the year as a complete solar eclipse. According to Indian time, this eclipse will be from 8:17 minutes to 10: 57 minutes. This is the reason that this day has very special meaning for scientists and for those who monitor astronomical events.

During this time, scientists will try to gather information about the movements of the Sun’s atmosphere. Earlier this year, there was a partial solar eclipse on January 6 and July 2, but, it did not appear in India. The special thing about the last solar eclipse of this year is that this time the Sutak period will begin 12 hours before the eclipse. This time it will be from the evening of 25 December to 26 December. The doors of the temples will remain closed during this eclipse. This solar eclipse will be annular.

Solar Eclipse Will Appear Here

This last solar eclipse of the year will be seen in countries including Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Australia etc. According to scientists, it will be seen in the best way in South India. The view of the diamond ring here will be amazing. At the same time, only partial solar eclipse will be seen in other parts of India. The total duration of this solar eclipse will be around 3.30 hours. While the solar eclipse in India will start from 8.04 am. The time of eclipse start and end will vary from place to place.

Solar Eclipse 2020

Please also tell you here that in the year 2020, there will be a chance of solar eclipse twice. Out of this, the first solar eclipse will be seen on June 21 in Southeast Europe and Asia including India. At the same time, the second solar eclipse will be seen on December 14, which can be seen in the Pacific Ocean. Read More


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