Startups Checklist: Things to Consider When Outsourcing Back Office Support Functions

Back Office Support

Back Office Support – There are two types of roles performed by support staff in businesses: customer-facing roles (front office) and back-office roles. Back-office tasks include a wide range administrative tasks such as workforce management, recruitment and training, human resource, sales support, web maintenance and many more. These back-office functions are incredibly important to the effective functioning of an organization. They often require a special skill set and rather than take time away from the core business, most companies choose to outsource these tasks to a third-party provider to reduce operational costs.

In fact, most startups cannot carry out these back-office activities themselves and do not hire a full time staff to do them either as the tasks might not necessitate a full time position or could require different skill sets to complete. A back-office provider typically will maintain staff that can perform a variety of functions required to support a business. Hiring a full time staff with all the skills required to support a business is not possible. Moreover, it is expensive and training them could take a long time. Outsourcing back office services offers a way out and is suitable for both large companies and startups.

Startups Checklist: Things to Consider when Outsourcing Back Office Functions

There are some criteria that startups need to consider when choosing a company that they will outsource their back-office processes.  Below are three crucial points to keep in mind when outsourcing back-office functions:

  1. Transparency and Quality Monitoring 

Transparency and quality monitoring are essential factors when outsourcing back office services. In the best case, a third-party provider should offer real-time data access so that customers are well-informed about all business processes at all times. When choosing a company to outsource back-office functions, make sure that this criterion is at the top of your list before closing any deals.

  1. Qualified employees 

Qualified employees are an obvious quality criterion. Make sure that the outsourced company has completed their training and their performance. A third-party provider offering the best back office support services should have a pool of professionals with expertise and knowledge in various back-office functions such as recruitment and training, human resource, workforce management, and many more.

  1. Strict data protection guidelines 

Strict data protection guidelines are inessential requirement – especially when it comes to sensitive customer data. Data protection should comply with international data protection laws and at the same time meet the high data protection requirements of your company. So, before you close a deal with an outsourced company, make sure they comply with international data protection laws.

  1. Flexibility in Working Hours

Pick a company that works according to your business’s timings and promises to deliver results even on the weekends and holidays. A good outsourcing company can work according to their client’s requirements and even work in a 24/7 environment to ensure their client’s needs are met.

  1. Cost Benefits

Choose a company that offers you the best price in terms of cost reduction. Normally, outsourcing businesses can get the work done at just 1/3rd the cost of handling a process in-house. So, make sure you can achieve the best cost benefits when choosing the right outsourced company for your back office needs.

A responsible outsourcing company can help take your back-office processes and streamline them to give your business real benefits and improved profitability. It’s very important to set a criteria when choosing the right third-party provider who can help you with your back-office needs.

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