Take this rain a little wet …..

Take this rain a little wet …..

Try not to flee when it downpours ……. Try not to discover the rooftop ……..Take this rain a little wet …..

Keep the umbrellas shut every so often …… What are you terrified of … Will you get wet ………..?

So what happened … won’t soften… .. will evaporate again ….

Corrosive isn’t coming down …….. water is a sibling

Your costly garments will likewise evaporate… the brand name will be expelled or probably nothing will happen man …Take this rain a little wet …..

Take this rain a little wet

Fix it in portable polythene …..

The street is clear .. ….. nobody will come …….

Take a gander at the disco drops in the yellow light of that road light ….

Go a little slower…….

Take this rain a little wet …..What to change even with early access …

Downpour is the change… of the climate… of the psyche… of the minds… … of pushing ahead throughout everyday life… … from the brain to the heart The way is ……..

Everything is washing endlessly …….. Nature is washing everything ……… at that point why we are meandering about a similar inclination …

Take this rain a little wet

Do you recall that day …

Those young men, young ladies, absorbed paper vessel, school/school/instructing, companions were hauled away persuasively doused in the downpour ….

Recall everything in a hurry …Take this rain a little wet …..

It is difficult to rehash …….. It ought not to be rehashed …….. be that as it may, can be spared ………. so that in such a downpour, while strolling, the bygone You can even grin by recollecting recollections …

Try not to fear colds/fever… .. medication will fix you …

If you fear downpour, at that point, even your costly specialist won’t have the option to fix the cold …

What’s more, by the way …….. I have just heard individuals crying in the emergency clinic ……… not grinning … since their dread isn’t not exactly crying. ………

The downpour has come ……….. go for a little stroll ………. get somewhat wet ……….. meet yourself ….. …. indeed, even grin a little ……. get somewhat nearer with yourself …. recapture a little adolescence…Take this rain a little wet …..

Take this rain a little wet

Since the Take this rain a little wet ….. downpour has sought a couple of days …….

Like the little girl has gotten back home in the spring …Take this rain a little wet …..

Will return … .. Try not to cry then when will you come now ….

It is coming down … with that attempt to live a couple of seconds for yourself too … Soak yourself a little in this downpour…Take this rain a little wet …..


Take this rain a little wet

#इन बारिश की बूंदों मैं खुशबू आज भी तेरी महकती है#

#चेहरे पे मेरे जब वह पढ़ती है तो लगता है#

#आज भी तुम मेरे साथ हो#

#ये बर्रिश आज भी तेरे याद दिलाती है #

At long last, those visitors showed up, whose sit tight Mumbai had begun sitting tight for them a year ago.

Nobody else would have stood by additional for the mid-year occasions and visitors.

These visitors are mists! These mists come as an errand person of a rainstorm with water on their back.

The hang tight for the storm in Mumbai is extraordinary to the point that one disposes of the warmth, and the subsequent downpour water comes later in the year for Mumbai.

There is likewise an explanation that this season gives a sentimental environment to Mumbai, which is running in the crisis.

While Mumbaikars are ongoing and resolute sentimental, however, the conclusion of downpour builds this inclination Take this rain a little wet. Sentiment in a bustling city mitigates numerous distresses.

In any case, the sentiment isn’t really from an individual. It can likewise be brought about by downpour drops, seeing your picture in the water-filled on the streets.

tangling the corn, not opening the umbrella in the light downpour, taking a gander at the mists, and sitting with your feet in the water.

In any case, this sentiment producing season has shown up in Mumbai and has come firmly. It likewise comes in full magnificence.

The sky is joined by instruments. Customarily, 10 June is viewed as the appearance date of the storm. Before this, nobody takes Take this rain a little wet pressure when there is no downpour.

on the off chance that the mists miss this date, at that point wherever there is a conversation that the storm was recent.

It doesn’t occur that the downpour comes out of nowhere. The sky is exceptionally clear. Warmth and mugginess abruptly increment Take this rain a little wet.

The air stops for some time and afterward streams at max throttle. At the point when the trees swing to the music of the night, Mumbaikars understand that the downpour is going to come.

The breeze gets more grounded. Individuals come out of the houses when the windows are ringing. The breeze carries with it numerous swarms of mists.

Youngsters begin Take this rain a little wet speaking with those mists –

Is it accurate to say that you are intending to do adjusts this way or would you like to stop and move?

Will you downpour? Guarantee?

Didn’t race? Won’t you flee?

Come, come, will party with Apun?

What is the rush, who is fleeing? Is the arrangement here another Leela?

The blowing air eases back down, the sky roars, lightning strikes, and the main drops tumble from the sky. Kids take these drops in their mouth and open their mouth upwards.

Little beads Take this rain a little wet unexpectedly become enormous. The breeze at that point escalates.

The downpour likewise begins flying on the wings of the breeze. The showers fall 30-40 feet from where they should fall.

Umbrellas are additionally futile in such downpour. Anyway, a great many people think about opening the umbrella in the primary downpour as offending to rain.

They play out the custom of getting wet. Getting wet in the main downpour is the most adored hobby of Mumbaikars. Youngsters dunked in water.

Blows water at one another. Senior ones don’t linger behind youngsters. They don’t blow water, however, it will in general open spots to get wet.

What could be preferred for it over Chowpatty?

First downpour and coastline! Not any more sentimental scene can be envisioned than this. Companions are likewise called by calling.

Everybody gets wet together. Remaining there and eating corn. While returning, Take this rain a little wet remember to drink ginger and spiced cutting tea.

In the wake of getting back home, the garments are washed for quite a while in the wake of being crushed and put for washing Take this rain a little wet.

There is one progressively round of tea with dumplings. At that point, everybody in the family sits to talk. Past downpours are recalled.

Fulton arrangements for this downpour are examined.

The aftereffect of this is the point at which you lie in bed, one gets a decent rest like love with affection.

So this time additionally a large number of Mumbaikars delighted in the principal downpour similarly.

The rainstorm showed up two days before its due date, which made individuals progressively cheerful. The Meteorological Department has anticipated a typical storm this year.

This is a Take this rain a little wet piece of uplifting news for a dry season inclined Maharashtra. At any rate, the fields experiencing thirst will get some alleviation, the harvest will come, drinking water will be accessible.

What more is required?

Furthermore, the adoration shade of sentiment? He climbs a great deal in the downpour. Downpour, umbrellas, and trails go about as incitement.

Melodies like Ek Chhatri Aur Hum Hain Do, Pyaar Hua Ikarar Hua, are seen coming out of the film screen and making a blemish in the city of Mumbai.

Realizing what number of downpours bring close. This occurs so precipitously that until it occurs, the individuals concerned don’t understand it. It simply occurs.

The downpour came, satisfied individuals as well. In any case, she additionally carried a few issues with her of course.

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Take this rain a little wet and Railways bombed in the principal assessment itself. All the cases of cleaning the channels of BMC were retired.

Accordingly, the streets were overwhelmed at numerous spots, causing roads to turn parking lots. It took hours for individuals to arrive at home.

Nearby trains were stuck at numerous spots. Numerous trains must be dropped, such a significant number of trains were late.

Traffic on the streets was at that point slithering at the speed of a subterranean insect. A feeble structure crumbled in Mumbra, executing 10 individuals, harming numerous and leaving others destitute.

There are many structures Take this rain a little wet in Mumbai, which BMC has proclaimed hazardous. The rainstorm is a terrifying thing for those living in it.

Despite this, such individuals additionally utilize the rainstorm season. They additionally get absorbed the fun of the downpour.

After all, it is a downpour, so Mumbai is likewise the genuine Mumbai!


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