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The Dark Side of Information Technology (IT) Industry

How frequently do we use the word “technology” in our daily lives? The response is frequent. It now embodies growth in the twenty-first century. The days of poaching and hunting are long gone. In the world we live in today, there is a technological fix for practically everything.

There are many examples, such as online shopping, doctor consultations in the convenience of your own home, and smart homes. But we are all aware of the fundamental reality that everything has a price. We are currently paying the price for choosing to live in a sophisticated and technologically advanced world. Glaciers are melting, forests are on fire, and significant climate changes worldwide have occurred. We are having trouble breathing. These are but a few instances of the devastation.

What Is Information Technology?

Information technology comprises the words “Information” and “Technology,” the latter of which is also easily understood and refers to any information. It refers to using computers for data storage, transmission, and manipulation. Information and communication technology is considered to include IT. In terms of organisation, IT is more like a department. No matter the position, an IT department employee collaborates with others to address both significant and small technological issues. In recent years, the IT department has become a crucial component of any corporation. Companies didn’t previously look for its relevance or usage, but as technology developed and became more in demand, the IT department also received much attention. An IT department’s three main pillars of accountability are as follows.

  • IT governance: It is the creation and use of rules to ensure the efficient operation of the IT department. Additionally, it ensures that the IT systems are in tune with the requirements of the organisations.
  • IT operations: This relates to how the IT department is run daily. This includes performing device administration, network maintenance, security testing, and tech assistance.
  • Hardware and infrastructure: By taking care of all the IT department’s physical parts, this focus area plays a key role. The configuration and upkeep of hardware, including routers, servers, phone systems, and individual devices like laptops, are included in this area of IT.

5 Major Drawbacks Of Working In The IT Industry

1.    Continually Changing Technology- Hard To Catch Up

Technology is always evolving, and the pace of change in the programming sector is much greater. It is common for new technologies to emerge to replace outdated ones. This renders the information outdated. To remain relevant, programmers must constantly learn new skills; else, they will be replaced and rendered obsolete.

This does not, however, render the modification pointless. The modification offers advantages in general. The new and upgraded library/framework contains new capabilities that speed up and simplify coding, but they come at a cost in terms of time and effort. The upgrade and integration processes are taxing and time-consuming because each version contains minor modifications and adjustments.

2.    Hackathon And Stackoverflow Are Not Exactly As You Think

A hackathon is a brief programming competition that typically lasts two weekends. A team of 3-5 programmers work together to create a product. The top team receives enticing incentives. The right side of the contest is seen. Young brains visit a location where they code, have fun, interact socially, and form relationships. They receive rewards and are treated like members of the coding community.

The event’s darker side, nevertheless, remains unreported. The goal of the hackathon is “Community building and technology introduction.” This is a simple method of taking advantage of engineers’ time and effort. Additionally, copyright laws are rarely upheld because they automatically belong to hackathons, meaning that you can be accused of plagiarism and take no action.

3.    Outsourcing and Exploitation Issues

Numerous outsourcing firms with offices in India and Vietnam are the main employers of programmers. The topic of why businesses outsource should cross your mind. To save money is a rather straightforward response. Compared to foreign programmers, businesses must pay less for staff from Vietnam and India. They reduce labour costs this way, but not all organisation members enjoy the savings.

4.    Excellent Technical Skills May Not Be Enough

Organizations now favour multifaceted individuals above those who excel in a certain profession. There is no exception in the IT sector. The profession demands more than just the ability to code, such as teaching, introducing and presenting, exchanging skills, and operating in groups. You must also possess higher levels, such as those of a team leader or an executive. You also need to be able to direct, divide, persuade, and inform others.

5.    Seniors May Not Know Everything

If your seniors know little to nothing about a subject you are familiar with, you shouldn’t be surprised. The dynamically changing nature of technology, which has already been discussed, and the possibility of promotion to management if they excel in technical areas are the two main causes of this. They hardly have any free time to code at that level. They are occupied with tasks they have never performed, such as assigning tasks to team members and managing projects. They must learn about management as they are new to it, just as they did with coding.

Final Thoughts

The field of information technology draws people. It provides them with everything they could want, including a fulfilling profession, good pay, promotions, and first access to cutting-edge technologies. The IT sector, however, also has a negative side. There are also others, ranging from having trouble keeping up with rapidly evolving technology to losing value over time.

However, as technology has ingrained itself into every aspect of our life, this should not alter the narrative surrounding its use. Technology is vital to us and is used in most of our work. We should concentrate on using technology responsibly.

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