The Most Useful Cryptocurrencies in 2022

As soon as cryptocurrencies first appeared, many of us became interested in them. Bitcoin (BTC) emerged as the breakout cryptocurrency star, outperforming Wall Street’s top-performing sectors as it reached an all-time high of $64,000 in mid-April.

Although Bitcoin and Dogecoin have captured our interest, there are a number of other cryptocurrencies that are also deserving of consideration.

Numerous cryptocurrency projects are actively working on exciting initiatives that have the potential to revolutionise the finance industry. They are working to provide useful services for companies, developers, digital artists, and other groups.

Top Cryptocurrencies in Terms of Utility

Ethereum (ETH)

Due to NFTs, the price of this cryptocurrency, which is currently $1,972, is fast rising. Next to Bitcoin, it has become the most widely used cryptocurrency.

Experts claim that ETH is the finest cryptocurrency in terms of usability because of the thriving NFT market, despite the fact that fuel fees are relatively expensive. We can see that Ether’s support for DeFi and NFTs both contributed to the currency’s explosive growth.

When Ethereum was introduced in 2015, it aimed to create a platform for programmers to create and host apps without the help of centralised organisations like Google and Apple. It enables the operation of dApps (decentralised apps) on the blockchain.

By using the code that automatically executes operations after specific terms and conditions, its smart-contract feature aids in eliminating the need for middlemen. These smart contracts can be thought of as well-programmed, reliable robots that can execute transactions between two parties without the need for time-consuming, powerful intermediaries.

Its poor performance in completing transactions, one characteristic of Ethereum that the general public dislikes is its absurdly expensive petrol fees. Ethereum may be purchased from Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, Coinmama, Gemini, and Kraken, among other places.


Solana has become well-known thanks to the rising idea of a decentralised internet. In addition to being promising and scalable, it also features a brand-new protocol known as the proof of history and costs $31.

All of the widely used blockchain protocols incorporate proof of work and proof of stake, as far as we are aware. However, Solana employs a cutting-edge modern protocol known as proof of history (PoH). Because it has its own clock, this relatively complicated idea is promoted as being faster than PoW and PoS.

Other blockchains, on the other hand, use the sequential generation of blocks to demonstrate the passage of time. As the network waits for confirmation and consensus before moving on with transactions, this becomes a source of latency.

Solana, an Ethereum rival, intends to address ETH’s drawbacks, including its sluggish transaction speed and high gas costs. Compared to ETH, it aims to be a faster, more scalable network.

Solana’s main drawback is that it is currently in the experimental stage. The Solana team wants to someday overtake Ethereum, but it must first demonstrate that it is capable of outperforming the most well-known blockchain network.

Monero (XMR)

Monero, which costs $210, is regarded as the greatest cryptocurrency for preserving privacy and confidentiality. This privacy-focused digital asset also provides swift and affordable payments when the demand for secret cash is at an all-time high.

Monero is the best choice for anyone seeking anonymity. It functions by creating an opaque blockchain and maintaining anonymity by utilising privacy-enhancing technology.

The blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum, on the other hand, are open. The ability to track transactions and connect them to identities in the actual world. Monero has caught our attention since it provides quick electronic cash without cheque-clearing costs or other obstacles.

Additionally, because Monero is decentralised, users no longer have to be concerned about a single controlling authority monitoring their transactions. Although the privacy options make Monero appealing. However, exchanges frequently delist it. The straightforward explanation is that the delisting of privacy coins is a common goal. Monero is available via Binance.

VeChain (VET)

VeChain, currently trading at $0.07, is the best option when looking to purchase business-focused cryptocurrencies. It integrates blockchain technology geared towards business and has evolved as an enterprise-centric blockchain with a focus on a number of industries, including healthcare, logistics, the auto industry, and high-end fashion.

According to the article, VeChain was first introduced as a defence against imitations. Customers may confirm their purchases are genuine, and it helps businesses make sure their products are treated properly.

VeChain employs blockchain technology, so the data can’t be altered, which gives businesses a big advantage. By looking at the blockchain record, we will be able to identify the pain spot if something goes wrong along the supply chain.

As with Ethereum’s petrol fees, VeChain also makes use of a token called VTHO to cover the costs of the electricity and energy required to complete transactions.

VeChain has already acquired relationships with reputable corporations like BMW and Sam’s Club, which is another benefit for businesses. The major issue with this two-token scheme is the potential for investor confusion. VeChain can be purchased through Binance.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot, which costs $14.94, is the most significant coin in terms of the interconnection of blockchains. It has the potential to link all significant blockchains and has a tonne of opportunity for development.

Polkadot’s development of cross-platform compatibility (CPI) is what makes it special. Other cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are only connected to one blockchain.

It can bring separate blockchains under one network’s umbrella and enable communication and collaboration between them. The fact that Polkadot is currently in development is one of its main drawbacks. You may purchase Polkadot on Digifinex and Binance.

Because of the thriving non-fungible token (NFT) market, ETH, the digital currency of the Ethereum blockchain, has overtaken Bitcoin as the second most popular cryptocurrency.

NFTs have attracted attention-grabbing investments in the form of digital collectibles, which frequently operate on the Ethereum network and include tweets, music, and artwork. A variety of cryptocurrencies have recently gained popularity, as we have witnessed. For instance, Dogecoin, a joke coin based on memes, gained popularity after Tesla CEO Elon Musk pushed it on social media.

In addition to Dogecoin and the other cryptocurrencies mentioned above, there are a number of other Bitcoin forks, including Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin SV, along with other significant coins like Ripple (XRP), USD Coin, and Tezos. According to Investopedia, despite the enormous number of rivals that have emerged, Bitcoin has established itself as the market leader in terms of usage and economic worth.

The market capitalization of more than $653 billion and the average value of each coin (BTC) of about $35,000 as of January 2022 suffice to show the significance of Bitcoin to date.

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