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Uncharted movie review and story

Tom Holland starrer Uncharted package of unreal stunts

In uncharted Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg share and chemistry can only be defined as two people who were in the same room sometimes. Basically the movie is based on successful gaming franchise of all time uncharted centres on treasure hunter marthand track and set out to tell his origin story.

Uncharted ROMs upon elements from multiple uncharted game in order to build a story around a younger, more inexperienced Nathan drak( Tom Holland) who is sucked into the jet setting. Tom driving lifestyle after or not show chance encounter with con man / treasure hunter victor “sully”.


Story of uncharted

Uncharted movie mein Nathan Drake chinta kirdar Tom Holland ne nibhaya Hai vah 1 secret agent ke roop mein dekhe Hain vah is movie mein khajane ki talash kar rahe hain. Tom Holland jab khajane ki Khoj karte hain aur khajane Tak pahunch jaate Hain to unko Pata lagta hai ki vahan per uska jaane ke alava Bhi kuchh Aur chijen Hain Jo bahut hi powerful hote Hain.

Movie main aapko Mark Wahlberg mein dekhne ko milte Hain joki Tom Holland ke sathi ka kirdar nibha rahe hain. Karva is powerful chij cross ko vahan se chura lete Hain. Uncharted movie main aapko khajana dhundhne mein Jo Bhi rukavat aati Hai unko sab kis tarah se milkar dur karte hain yah dekhkar aankhon mein jaane wala.

Is film ki total budget 120 million dollar hai.

Uncharted Tom Holland

 Why you should watch this Uncharted?

There is one reason that might poster film from all lost hope to the watchable category. It has to be the funny banter between Drak and sully. The film does have a couple of post credit scenes and might even become a branch IG mirroring that of the game for which uncharted should be an excellent origina Story. But what we are left with the text book characters that survived the craziest of scenario like child play, solve the deadliest of puzzle like its newspaper sudoku and save the day like it’s their day job. If the makers are still on track to make a sequel those plans better half left uncharted.

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